Flora and Fauna of Valley of Flowers

Flora and Fauna of Valley of Flowers

The valley is not only full of blooming flower but also have a variety of flora and fauna. Late in 19th century when some British mountaineers while trekking, found this valley full of flowers that was so fascinating that they started to plan a trek to find out more from the valley then after trekking with researchers they find that valley is not only a home of flowers but also full of flora and fauna that is making a ecological balance in this environment.

Flora collectively named for plant life which this valley is full of. No doubt we can call this as a kingdom of plants. People across the globe who are studying about plant life frequently trek in this valley. The plant that grow in this high altitude valley are very rare species, plant such as orchids, poppies, marigold, daisies, anemones, and primulas, Dwarf Rhododendron pink, blue and deepest purple can be easily found in lower land of this valley, While the flowers like Brahma Kamal which is heavily perfumed, Blue Poppy and the Cobra Lily can only be found in higher altitude valley

Oak, cedar trees can be easily found on the enter valley, these trees and plants increase the level of fresh oxygen in the air. People who are trekkers, nature lover or botanists usually trek in this valley.

1. Fauna

To begin with the fauna of the valley I will call it as an animal kingdom. It’s full of Asiatic wild bear, snow panther, cocoa bear and blue sheep Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Red Fox, Bharal, Serow, Himalayan Bear, Himalayan Brown Bear, and Pica.

2. Avifauna within this fauna

Within this valley we have an Avifauna for Himalayan Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Snow Partridge, Himalayan Snow Cock, Himalayan Monal, Snow Pigeon, and Sparrow Hawk. There are different –different types of colorful butterflies and bees which are very rare.

The valley has three different landscapes and zone as well lower zone, where you find tress and mostly thick forest are found there. Middle zone, where mostly you find streams of waters and Himalayan shrubs and bushes, and finally higher alpine zone, where very rare species of plant and animal are found. Valley is full of river bed, forests, meadows, slopes, and moraine.

About the quaticlife this valley has a Nag tal near to Pushpawati stream where some rare aquatic animal are found and along with some blue color dog flower grow near to tal.

This is how this valley creates an ecological balance, without this balance of flora and fauna human cannot exist. Flora generate oxygen and fauna in return release carbon dioxide .So balance is created by nature in maintaining this flora and fauna

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