Easy to Moderate Treks

Easy to Moderate Treks

Trekking is sort of a fun activity but needs a decent fitness as well when it’s about high altitude treks. Trekking is categorized in Easy, easy to moderate, moderate to difficult and difficult treks to expeditions.

Each trek has its difficulty level; some are high altitude where it takes 8 to 9 days to trek. Some treks are less high on the mountains that need less time to trek. Each trek has its level of difficulty whether they are lower attitude trek or higher altitude treks.

When it comes too easy to moderate treks then they are commonly known between beginners, or trekkers with less prior experience in trekking. Easy to moderate treks can be completed in 4 to 5 days, and are of approx 11,000 to 15,000 Ft. Treks like kedarkanthabeas kund trekNag Tibba trekDayara Bugyal trekPhulara ridge trek.

These treks are the one that you can pick if you are a beginner, graded as easy to moderate treks. One of the easy pathways, with enchanting landscapes, wider perspective of the mountains ranges.

The Himalayan Range is an ideal call for you! Hidden in this fascinating range are plenitude of trails that introduces a beginner with the alluring charm and appeal of trekking at high altitudes.

Not one, but there are many Himalayan Treks for Beginners that are easy to moderate, where a newbie can take a hands-on experience of trekking on the high altitudes. Adding more to this is the enchanting beauty of the snow-clad peaks, pictorial splendors of the lush forests, the shimmering beauty of the glaciers and lot more.


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