Har Ki Dun Trek with Ruinsara Tal Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek with Ruinsara Tal Trek

Har ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal Trek is a blend of culture, adventure, and fun. It’s an all in one trek which gives the best experience to the trekkers. I would say Har ki dun trek is incomplete without Ruinsara tal trek, the mix of both offers you the best splendid view. Nestled in Uttarakhand, Himalayas. Har ki Dun trek with Ruinsara tal trek is at an altitude of 11,811 Ft.

1. Highlights of the trek

a. Spectacular view

The view of Har ki Dun with Ruinsara tal trek is so mesmerizing that getting over it is not at all easy. It is beyond your imagination, that how the destination glows in the best way from first to last day in the trek. You witness the ancient culture, gigantic mountains, forests, grasslands, meadows, streams, and alpine lakes.

b. Ruinsara Valley

Runisara valley is the most astonishing beauty; the wider view of the valley is not less than a heaven. It is the best spot in the whole trek and one can witness the whole valley along with the magic of the nature. There you see Ruinsara Lake, it is not just a small lake it has all the beauty and this lake is so beautiful that sitting besides the serenity of lake feels so good.

c. Devsu Thach

Surrounded by thick forests, the campsite is so wonderful and offers the ultimate blend of beauty, and adventure all in one. The longer you see, and you just come across the meadows, and this carpet of meadows looks so astonishing.

d. Ancient Culture

While trekking to Har ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal, you witness the ancient culture and villages where the old tradition is still alive in the mountains. Witness few villages, and see the culture, along with the local cuisine of the villages.

e. Best Campsite of Kalkatiyadhar

You will come across the beautiful campsite of Kalkatiyadhar, and the campsite is so mesmerizing. It has all the beauty, and the whole trek is with wider view in the trek. You will stay under the blue sky filled with stars, encompasses by the mountains, the campsite will be like tranquil place for you.

2. Best Time for Har ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal Trek

The best time for Har Ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal Trek is from March to June and September to December. The destination seems beautiful in these months. And as the trek is not that hard so you can easily do it. Har ki Dun with Ruinsara Tal trek has an amazing outlook, so you should pick this trek once. The trek is of 9 days, which is graded as easy to moderate trek.

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