Dhauladhar Range

Dhauladhar Range

Dhauladhar run is settled in the Western-Himalayan sub-ranges; Himachal is encompassed by many prominent peaks in the majority such as; The Shivaliks, the Dhaludhars, the Pir Pajnals, the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar extend. Dhauladhar range is a precious gift for the Devbhoomi with the most stunning valleys.

The Kangra valley toward the west, Mandi in the middle, the Chamba valley toward the north and the Kullu valley toward the east, supporting each other in this sub-framework which is known as "the white mountain run".

The Dhauladhars begin from the north of Dainkund close Dalhousie and follow the District Chamba, Kangra, Mandi and Kullu with its watershed. The range is following the District Chamba, Kangra, Mandi & Kullu with its watershed. Numerous passes in its crest have been used by the locals for centuries.

Above Kangra, the range rises barely above 4500m, where it houses the crowns the like of Mon, Toral, & Dromedary. The gradient of the range is more difficult where it gets closer to other sub-ranges, especially to its rendezvous with the Bara-Banghal Range on the border of Kangra & Kullu.

That's where some magnificent 5-thousands begin to emerge, Lantern on the Thamsar Pass being first among its companions eastwards. Not all the passes in this portion are known much among trekkers.


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