Buran Ghati Route from Shimla

Buran Ghati Route from Shimla

Located at an elevation of 15000 Ft. Buran ghati trek is one of the most popular summer treks in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Buran trek is located in between Sangla valley and Pabbar valley covered with lush green forests. The trek begins from Janglik district which is known for ancient and traditional village at a distance of about 150 km from Shimla. From Janglik, you will start your trek towards your first campsite of Dayara. The green meadows of Dayara. From there on, the trek starts to get more thrilling and adventurous as you go deeper into it. Dark dense forest of pine and oak trees, the sacred Chandranahan Lake, famous fruit trees, Litham campsite will make you speechless.

Shimla to Janglik

Reached Shimla, you will start your journey from Shimla to Janglik which will take 5 to 6 hours to cover.

Janglik to Dayara (9200 Ft. to 11.075 Ft.)

This first day of your trek is easy to moderate. During the trek, you will be witnessing the wheat fields and wooden farmhouses, many beautiful small villages like Diude and Tonglu . You will go through the dark dense pine and oak forest and dramatic water stream running next to you, Dayara meadows will make you feel relaxed and for not even a single moment you can take your eyes off.

Dayara Thatch to Litham (11,075Ft. to 11,737 Ft.)

On the second day, the trek will start from Dayara campsites to Litham campsite and this day you are going to be in meadows, pine and oak forest, cross the water stream and see Dhauladhar Range and Gunas Pass. After crossing the forest, you will get a crystal clear view of litham, will also see Chandranahan stream, after crossing this stream you will reach litham campsite which is similar to Kashmir

Acclimatization day, visit to Chandranahan Lake ( 11,737 Ft. to 13,900 Ft.)

Chandranahan Lake is situated in a very high altitude. This day the trek will be little difficult because one has to climb steep to visit Chandranahan Lake but it will worth every single step you have taken.

Litham to Dhunda

During your trek, the Pabbar River will accompany you till you reach a small Lake. You will start your trek to Dhunda campsites which will be little difficult to trek, from here you will get a clear view of Buran Ghati.

Dhunda to Munirang (River camp) via Buran Ghati (13,365 Ft. to 11,800 Ft.)

The trek to Buran Ghati will be covered with snow; the descent will be steep and difficult. This is going to be the most adventurous part of your trek, you will do snow slides and rappelling.

Barua village and departure from Barua village to Shimla. (11,800 Ft. to 6,700 Ft.)

From here the trail will change. You will find cultivated land and small village on this trail. You will find apricot and peach tree. Later on, you will departure from Baura village to Shimla.


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