Attractions Near Beas Kund

Attractions Near Beas Kund

Beas Kund trek in Himachal Pradesh passes why many attractive destinations that you can look up for while travelling towards Beas Kund. Beas Kund nestled at an altitude of 12,772 Ft. is a versatile trek that offers you the adventure, and the beauty in the one trek.

Here are the best attractive destinations near Beas kund trek.


The beauty offers many destinations for trekking or travelling, to explore the mountains that are so precious. Manali is the best tourist spot if you are travelling to Beas Kund trek. Manali has plenty of cafes, local market, mountains to witness. Old Manali, a delight to experience and apple and Walnut orchards lace the fields around the rustic stone houses.


Solang is like a king’s crown, a crown of Kullu valley, nestled at an altitude of 8,400 Ft. Solang is one of the beauties to witness near Beas Kund Trek. The spot is known for snow sports, paragliding and Gondola ride. Beas Kund River flows by and you get to see the mesmerizing beautiful spots.


The construction of the Rohtang Tunnel has reached the hamlet of Dhundi. It is the last village of Solang valley, about 8kms away from Solang village. The green meadows of the trek start from Dhundi, their beauty gradually increasing with altitude till Bakar Thach.

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