Attraction Near Sar Pass Trek

Attraction Near Sar Pass Trek

Being a part of Himachal Pradesh, Sar Pass Trek, the fairy tale like destination has all the fun and adventure. Nestled in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 13,850 Ft. Sar Pass Trek is one of the best option for the trekking lovers. Although a moderate trek, is a perfect one for beginners. The climb is tiring at some moments but one gets rewarded by beautiful green meadows, quaint villages, views of snow-covered mountains and the amazing slide after the pass. This trail offers a gamut of experiences to trekkers.

Parvati Valley- In the midst of heaps of Himachal, the greens so relieving, and the environmental factors that quiet the spirit inside. Parvati valley offers the mix of Tradition and the adventure with the peacefulness in each progression you take towards the magnificence unexplored beauty.

Kasol- Kasol is known for some wonderful things for example, cuisine, view, road bistros all around. Kasol gives the beautiful vibes to the world in this manner, that travelers around the globe visit Kasol in plenty consistently. Strolling beside the Parvati River is another extraordinary beauty when you visit kasol. The most ideal approach to make the most of your kasol trip is by going for a stroll to Malana village, and tosh valley, where your experience will be exceptional.

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