Altitude Sickness Theory

Altitude Sickness Theory

Altitude Sickness also known as Mountain Sickness when you climb high in the mountains so the oxygen level decreases and creates severe body problems.

The air that surrounds the body is barometric pressure, and when you walk higher the pressure get less that creates less oxygen for the trekkers; however people are lives in the mountains won’t feel it as they get used to it.

But above 8,000 Ft. one feels altitude sickness if going from plains. There are three types of altitude sickness.

  • Acute Mountains Sickness - In this one feels like hangover, dizziness, and headache, it is a middle form of sickness.

  • High altitude Pulmonary Edema- In this lungs create a fluid while going on the higher altitude, and that makes one feel bad body ache, confusion. HAPE can be life threaten as well.

  • High Altitude Cerebral Edema- In this, brain creates a fluid inside and it is the most severe form of altitude sickness.


  • Acclimatization- Best and the first thing is to get acclimatize in the environment, so that it won’t affect you much in any way. It will take time you adjust in the environment but it will calm you later.

  • Medicines- Few medicines are there that help to regulate your body in a good manner one can take them in high altitude.

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