Your Travel with Trekveda is Secure and Safe

Your Travel with Trekveda is Secure and Safe

Worried of COVID pandemic and 2nd lockdown!!

It has been brought to our notice that most of our valuable customers are worried about travelling, after hearing mix comments and information from various sources and not a realistic picture of what is happening in the Travel world, we too are concerned about our valuable customers and hence have come with all answers to your queries and concerns.   

As we all know that  COVID-19 pandemic has brought travel to a standstill, however Trekveda well managed to operate treks and tour of approx 2000+ customers since October 2020, we just wanted to know that, are you still playing the “Will we, Won’t we” game on a daily basis, the question is, Will We or Won’t We travel again? And if we do, when? And how? 

What you need to do? 

Like the 2000+ customer, you just need to set your mind, pack your bag and reach your dream destination, take COVID precaution and rest leave everything on Trekveda, we, your travel Saathi will make it all possible. In case you are one of our customers travelling from following region, we would request you for COVID negative certificate:-

1. Delhi 
2. Maharashtra 
3. Tamilnadu
4. Karnataka  
5. Gujarat 
6. Madhya Pradesh 
7. Kerala
8. Chhattisgarh 
9. Punjab 
10. Telangana 

Important Note: As of now we have been running treks in Uttarakhand, Himachal, and West Bengal every day, with trekkers going in and out of the state. There is no requirement of a Covid test / quarantine as of now. You can come in as usual, do your trek and head back, however please follow all guidelines and take all necessary majors to protect yourself and others from Coronavirus, so Come and Travel with Trekveda.

Your Questions May be:-

1. What if I have already booked the Trek and Tested Positive?
2. What if I book the Trek and 2nd Lockdown is imposed by the government. authorities? 

Reply:  In both the cases you don’t have to worry at all “ TREKVEDA” will offer you a special Voucher like no one’s does and has never done before. Your invoice amount single rupee will not be deducted and you will be offered a special voucher of exact amount i.e. equal to your Invoice amount with validity of 2 Years, which can be anytime within the period of 2 Years.

The Special Voucher also has the following benefit:-

a. In case the respective trek amount increases in the near future, your trek amount remains the same.
b. You will be able to Extend it beyond 2 years if cannot utilize it within 2 Years, as per our voucher policy but with some relaxation from current voucher Terms.
c. You will be able to transfer the same to your family / friend, as per our voucher policy but with some relaxation from current voucher Terms.

You may write to us at if you have any further questions such as:-

1. How are we conducting the current Treks and are running normally? 
2. If not coming from the above mentioned state should I do a Covid test before my trek? 
3. What if there’s a lockdown before my trek and I’ve to call my trek off in the last minute? 
4. What if 2nd lockdown takes place in our country while I am on the trek? 

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