Why to Choose Pangarchulla Trek

Why to Choose Pangarchulla Trek

Uttarakhand, the land of god offers the ample number of treks to the whole trekking community. Being a part of central Himalayan range, Uttarakhand presents a magnificent beauty with the cultural touch in each trek. One such trek of Uttarakhand is Pangarchulla, the mesmerizing trek having the taste of adventure with the abundance of beauty that calms the soul of a trekker.

Why to Choose Pangarchulla Trek

Pangarchulla Trek is highly demanded in the month of April because of its best time, when snow walk of the trek is not dangerous. Here are the highlights of Pangarchulla trek that makes you pay attention to why should you choose this trek in 2020.

1. Best Time for Pangarchulla Trek

The best time to pick Pangarchulla trek is between May to June in summers, and September to November, post Monsoon. However, it is said that April is the best time for the Pangarchulla trek, as pathways during April are less slippery which makes it less hard to trek.

Best Time for Pangarchulla Trek

2. Great Peaks to Witness

If you are picking the Pangarchulla trek, you get the blessing to witness the prominent peaks of Himalayan range.

Great Peaks to Witness

Mt. Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba peak, Dunagiri Peak, Hathi Parvat, Ghori Parbat. The trek passes through the Nanda Devi Sanctuary; therefore you get the chance to witness the astonishing Himalayan peaks.

3. Ideal Trek for the Beginners and Skilled Trekkers

Being one of the most beautiful yet adventurous treks, it is highly recommended to both, the beginners and the skilled trekkers. One such attribute of this trek is that you just need to have a decent fitness or a workout session prior one month to opt this trek, no matter if you are beginner. The first reason to choose this trek is; if you are thinking of hitting into the trekking world so you can start with Pangarchulla trek, by maintaining an average level of fitness.

4. Two Treks in One Journey

Two Treks in One Journey

Pangarchulla trek is nestled at an altitude of 15,069 Ft. is graded as moderate to difficult. One thing that a trekker admires about this trek is; it gives you the way towards Kuari Pass Trek as well. You get to summit the two majestic treks in one journey, what more a trekking lover can ask for? Kauri pass trek, on the other hand is Lord Curzon trail that has a great history. So, get to experience the two beauties is another reason to pick the Pangarchulla trek.

5. Nature Lover’s Delight

The entire landscape all through the trail keeps constantly changing with every curve. What starts out as lush green farms slowly change to dense forests opening up to snow-covered landscapes.

Nature Lover’s Delight

The trail is definitely a treat for adventurers who love exploring nature. The variety of flora and fauna that the trail offers is beyond ordinary. Until the snow-covered landscape, the trail is strewn in red-rhododendrons. You can also find Oak, Silver Birch, Blue Pine, and Bhojpatra- the bark of which is known to source papyrus along the trail. If lucky, you can also spot wildlife like Musk Deer, Black Bear, and Himalayan Tahr and the very majestic Snow Leopard.

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