Best Treks in This Summer

Best Treks in This Summer

Trekking teaches a person a lot of things from having fun to stay fit; Mountains are the boon to the humanity in all the sense, the Himalayas are so mesmerizing and astonishing the more you see them profoundly.  

Summer is also knocking the doors, and when the heat grabs, it seems like getting an escape somewhere beyond this hot weather. Therefore this summer you can plan these treks that will be in your budget and the fun will be there to the core.

So why not make this summer cooler instead of living in the direct heat with the best budget treks this summer.

Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun

Har ki dun trek, the beautiful nine days trek passes through all the fantastic sight scenes of Mother Nature; one can plan a trip to Har ki dun between April to June.

It’s a way that passes through Sankari in between one encounter many other villages with all the fantastic facts resting in the lap of Himalayas.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Pangarchula Trek

A Variety of Flora and Fauna-Until the snowline begins; the trek will offer you with dark red rhododendrons. A lot of Oaks, silver birch, blue pine and Himalayan species such as musk deer, wild bear, and Himalayan Tahr.

A Ridge Climb on Summit Day, a precarious edge taking you on a rising to the crest on summit day is a careful yet exceedingly satisfying element of this trek. The trip winds up challenging and satisfied with adrenalin surge. The mind-blowing snow on the trail will add to this different sentiment of investigating the fantastic Pangarchulla peak trek.

Valley of Flowers Trek

valley of flower

Encompass by the blossoms beyond the imagination, these colorful petals along with different wildlife species is the most praised destination for the photographers and the nature lovers; this beautiful destination is nothing less than a fairy tale in real life as the name suggest itself “Valley of Flowers: an abundance of flowers and beauty.

The trek to valley of flowers starts from GovindGhat in Joshimath, later after 3 Km of trekking from Ghaghariya you landed at the enormous beauty Valley of flowers, a national park, Experience the beauty of flowers, butterflies and the chit chat of birds; the place is most visited in monsoon as the blossom is so erotic and enthusiastic. The site turns into the white carpet of the snow in winter, so the place is most preferred in monsoon season.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

bhrigu lake trek

Bhrigu lake can be the best trek to plan for the weekend placed in the upper Kullu valley based on the eastern side of the most known Rohtang pass Himachal, evaluated at 14,000 Ft. offers you the most eye-catching view of the meadows and snow-capped mountains with the enrich forest.

Bhrigu lake holds back a historical significance that native believes in; such as sage bhirg was allied with the lake as he used to practice meditation at the bank of the river.

They also think that almighty of the Kullu valley used to take a dip in the lake to make it a sacred lake for the devotees; the entire destination is so captivating and exciting.

Binsar Trek

binsar trek

Binsar trek could be an ideal weekend trek for anybody who wants to go back to work without being sluggish on the silly Monday; it is a two days admirable trek in the Kumon region Of Uttarakhand initiates from the Binsar sanctuary walk through beautiful alpine forest with the crystal clear water flowing, one can also witness the local culture of the mountains.

Nature lovers can connect to the Binsar sanctuary can see oak, Rhododendrons tress, in the morning when the bright sun rays play and trace on your face is the best morning in the lap of the Mother Nature.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal in Uttrakhand is considered as the most beautiful trek among trekkers, and it is the most lavish trek for them, the people who want to trek in Uttrakhand can first choose this trek.

Dayara Bugyal Nestles at an altitude of 12,000 Ft. In Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand.

The most charismatic thing about Dayara Bugyal is the “High Altitude Meadows” Bugyal itself means Meadows” the stretched carpet of lush green, vibrant color can make any trekker admirer of this place, and it has gain easy to moderate grade, so it is well recommended for the beginners.

The trail starts from the thick forests where the sunlight shines and plays, and this trail from forest ends at the stretch meadows, as green is the most soothing, therefore, this trek as its beauty which is infinite.

Chainsheel Bugyal Trek

Chainsheel Bugyal Trek

Chainsheel Bugyal trek is extraordinary; Chainsheel Bugyal is located close to the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

It has a view of high altitude meadows these stretched green grasslands have the power to refill the energy of every trekker, as far as you go these meadows never let you go alone, carry you along with the motivation of completing the trek.

Kedarkantha Trek


These gigantic mountains are the passion of all the trekking lovers and wanderers, and when it’s about the most known trek then they can’t ignore the Kedarkantha trek passes through Sankari village via Juda Lake Trek put you up in the Kedarkantha base camp which is almost 5 Km trek can take 4 to 5 hrs the altitude of Kedarkantha trek is 3200 Km.

Brahamatal Trek

Brahamatal Trek

Brahmatal trek is excellent yet indeed found at a lot higher elevation. Brahmatal trek is a simple trek offering practically everything you can think about, continuous edge lines, rambling Bugyal, High elevation lakes, superb pinnacle sees and crisp snow on the trail are a convincing suggestion for the Brahmatal trek. You will get an inclination; this is only the starting; more is going to come.

Hampta pass Trek

>Hampta pass Trek

Hampta pass trek is out of the box trek, not ordinary for sure, it passes through the lush green valley of Kullu, and each step you take towards your destination is almost the most astonishing view, deserts of Lahaul you witness from the pass gives you the panoramic view seems so dramatic in the real world. Trekking to Hampta pass could be the most beautiful experience for all the trekkers; the elevation Hampta pass consists is moderate grade height that is considered to be the ideal trek for the novice mountaineers. The maximum altitude of the trek is about 14000 Ft. and the weather of Hampta pass is so calm that one won’t need any profound requirement of acclimatization.

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