Backpack with your Wardrobe Essentials

Backpack with your Wardrobe Essentials

Keeping a backpack which cannot be heavy and you won’t lose your dairy essentials; isn’t it difficult to calculate, yes! the most important thing when it's about going for a trek; you need to take each and everything from head to toe in a backpack, so here is some helpful information, which you can implement before choosing the backpack.

  •  More extended backpack at least 40 to 50 L.
  •  A backpack that can carry at least 8 to 13 Kg of your essentials.
  •  Must buy a backpack with rain cover mask that is going to protect it and your essentials.
  •  Day backpack is much need, on the day of the summit to put little things that you may need.
  •  Carry small bags with you, so that you can put all your unwashed or wet clothes in it other than your backpack.

Note - Rest any trek that is up to 5 or 6 days, can be done in 60 L of rag sack.

When you are done with the perfect choice of your backpack, another confusion is what and how many things one should carry for their trekking journey, as a more massive backpack will lead you in the worst situation and not keeping your essentials will guide you in the uncomfortable zone.

So here are all the wardrobe essentials that will help you carry all the important stuff with you without making your backpack hefty at all.

1. Clothing and Footwear’s


  •  Headgear.
  •  Eye wear
  •  Cotton scarf
  •  Hand gloves
  •  Inner wear


  •  2 pair of full sleeves thermal
  •  3 pair of Full Sleeves T- shirt
  •  1 jacket/ fleece

Bottom wear:-

  •  3 trek pants
  •  2 pair of Warmers


  •  Trekking shoes
  •  Pair of socks ( depends on the days of trekking, although 3 pairs are must)

2. Camera/ Batteries

Today life is just nothing without a phone, and for the music lovers hand frees and speaks, so it’s on you, if you want to feel the nature with music and want to capture the moments forever, you must need to fill your phone with batteries first. And if you bring your camera then you are not going to get any cells, so bring it with you according to your convince.

  •  Phone Charger
  •  Camera Charger
  •  Batteries for camera
  •  2 power banks at least
  •  Hand's free

3. Personal Items

These are tiny things that you must need to protect your skin, and to maintain your hygiene.

  •  Toothpaste
  •  Tooth brush
  •  Face wash
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Moistures
  •  Lip balm
  •  Sanitary napkins (must carry newspapers or covers for your waste sanitary napkin as you are not going to through it anywhere in the mountains)
  •  Sanitizer

4. Fitness Comes First

There is no chance in compromising your fitness, and you never know what comes to your way so be prepared.

  •  Every medicine that doctor have recommended you till now, should be there in your backpack as you will not find any pharmacy around or you never what can affect you suddenly.

5. Energy Comes When You Have Good Food

Though we provide every possible thing to you; if you are a little more concern about your health than you must carry these things with you.

  •  Energy bars
  •  Dry fruits
  •  Electoral/ ORS

Note: - We the Trekveda team has taken an initiative of clean mountains that we named as “MERO PAHAD” as we care about our mother nature and so you do.

Kindly help us in keeping the mountains clean by standing with us in this noble cause and make sure you will not treat mother nature with cruelty.

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