5 Offbeat Places Worth to Visit in India

5 Offbeat Places Worth to Visit in India

Perhaps this is true upto certain extent that we have set some conventional places to visit during the vacations. We identify those, either on the basis of luxurious hotels and in case, one of our partners is a shopping spree, then we will more likely abandon our program for unavailability of a shopping complex. Like refined products are not good for health, similarly conventional places conceal the natural beauty.

But following offbeat places have its own flavour of adventure. These lesser-known locales have many things to offer like unusual culture and some rustic beauty which can offer relaxation and can make the trip memorable.

Bolt from Blue: Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Situated at 10,000 feet above sea level, is one of the destinations which is a combination of aesthetic as well as mythological significance. This place although considered to be Kinky, is surrounded by some of the most beautiful glacial lakes that are quite imperial. Tawang Monastery, one of the majestic places, attracts tourists the most. A place where you can experience rich Buddhist Heritage that certainly offers moral strength to your mind and soul.

Eyes on stalks: Sandakphu

According to Trekveda, Sandakphu is one of the underrated treks in India. But there are some interesting facts that make it one of the places worth-visiting. A highest point shared by two countries, West Bengal in India and Mechi in Nepal. There are some magnificent dense forests which can certainly fool an individual to think that it is evening time. Glimpse of sleeping Buddha is something characterised by grandeur. In India, there are few trekkable spots and Sandakphu is one of those places where forests are captivating enough and can correspond any foreign tourist spots.

Be at peace with Devprayag, Uttarakhand

A town which holds a great religious importance amongst Hindu devotees is considered to be “the seat of the Pundits of Badrinath Dham”. While leading a tough life in the city, there is a point when spiritual growth is indispensable. You can find the ultimate essence of practicing great self-denial. This is a unique place where you can enjoy the beauty of Confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda, Raghunathji Temple and Chandrabadani Temple. These places are effective enough to overcome hardships, and can rejuvenate to survive in the polluted cities.

Knock down with feather- Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna means “Cow’s Ear”, originally a Hindu Pilgrimage Centre is worth lucrative, not just a mere temple town but splendid rocky beaches and hills. But what makes this place so unique?

Then this place offers beach trekking, scrumptious food, water spots etc. Murideshwar where one would find gigantic Shiva Statue is considered to be the second largest statue justifies its incredibility. And for a person who is always charged for clicking selfies, then you have landed the most appropriate place. Restore your energy to visit one of the most offbeat places that can simply blow your senses.

Beauty of Erotic Sculptures- Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

This place is unparalleled for its explicit sculptures that signifies the combination of love, passion and art. Khajuraho temples is regarded as one of the beautiful medieval monuments in the country. The place connotes the golden period of Chandella ruler, is one of the most visited places by historians. But the exquisite images on the walls have something radically distinctive. For an unusual experience of getting the vision of inner deity, this place would take you behind the times and would give you a vivid image of moral standards of contemporary society.

The verdict

Like any other country, India is also divided into history, Geography, Biodiversity, Demographics, and Culture. Five places discussed above, are worthy from historical to geographical significance. Get a trip around, and regenerate you!

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