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Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Trek

Ronti Saddle is a seat between the transcendent Himalayan pinnacles of Nanda Ghungti and Trishul nearer to the Nanda Devi Inner Sanctuary. The trek to Ronti Saddle is drawn closer from the more prominent RoopKund side and you enter the Sheela Samudra valley once you traverse the Junairagali Pass above RoopKund. A sharp plunge from the Junairagali pass gets you to the immense and remote meadow of the Sheela Samudra. The name Sheela (rocks) Samudra (sea) means 'Sea of Rocks' and is given to the ice sheet descending from the might Trishul. In the event that there is some commotion in this valley, it is of the regular ice separating and tumbling from Trishul, encouraging the Sheela Samudra ice sheet. Here, you will just get yourself and few 'KeedaJadi, Yartse Gumba' pluckers amid the periods of June.

Days: 12 Days Cost: On Request
Level: Difficult Altitude 17,388 ft.
Activity per Day: Apprx. 5 hours walking per day Activity: Sightseeing and high altitude trekking
State: Uttarakhand Length: 90 Km
Best Season: May, June, September, October Trip Route: Dehradun - Lohajung - Didina - Bedini Bugyal - Bhaguabasa -
Sheela Samudra - Dodang - Homkund - Ronti Saddle - Dodang -
Latakhopri - Sutol - Ghat - Lohajung - Dehradun
Start at: Lohajung Ends at: Lohajung

Trek Highlights

  • Beautiful Meadows of Ali Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal.
  • A place famously known for its skeleton lake.
  • A saddle filled with the snow and gigantic Himalayan Ranges.

Trek Introduction

RoopKund Homkund Ronti Saddle trek is relatively a new trek that hasn’t catch the eyes of many trekkers yet. Filled with the mystery of the nature, it brings you the best in class experience of trekking when you come across the beautiful meadows of two bugyals, the Bedini Bugyal and Ali Bugyal.

What makes this trip different?

Ronti Saddle Trek - a seat between the Himalayan pinnacles of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul. The trek offers excellent perspectives of Nanda Ghungti (6309 mtr), Trishul I (7120 mtr), Trishul II (6690 mtr), Trishul III (6007 mtr) mountains. The Route of Ronti Saddle Trek goes through the trail of RoopKund. RoopKund, goes ahead the fourth day of this trek. The trek additionally proceeds by means of Ronti Saddle and Channia ghat to end in Sithail. One will encounter the best bugyals of Bedini and Ali. Theserene panorama of Nanda Ghunti and Trishul.

Itinerary Overview

roopkund homkund ronti saddle map

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Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 1

Day One Dehradun to Lohajung (7,545 ft)

After reporting at Dehradun, we will head towards the Lohajung basecamp, exploring the natural panorama of the vivid locations amid.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 2

Day Two Lohajung to Didina (8,038 ft) - 10 km

Our trail for the day is less demanding when contrasted with the whole trek and soon we lose all sense of direction in its magnificence. We trek through the timberland following the Neel Ganga. The trail is at first simple which at that point begins to ascend relentlessly. As the trek proceeds with, we get set into it and begin arranging the move to Ali Bugiyal. After a decent climb, we achieve our goal for the day. Didina is a lovely campground and we invest rest of the energy investigating the place.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 3

Day Three Didinato Bedini Bugyal (11,811 ft) - 12 km

As we begin the day, to leave our campground at Didina behind and start with a simple trek up to Tolapani. Tolapani is a group of somewhere in the range of 6/7 cottages of shepherds. It makes the place exceptionally beautiful and we invest some energy here. After Tolapani, we now begin to arrange switch-backs through the backwoods for around 2 hour which conveys us to extraordinary compared to other Himalayan knolls - Ali Bugyal. Its an exquisite knoll in the midst of the timberland and takes our heart in a flash. We invest some great energy here relying on the climate. One to a greater degree a finest bugyals is sitting tight for us and we head towards I, yes - The Bedni Bugyal. It takes some great stroll of around 2.5 hours to achieve Bedni Bugyal from Ali Bugyal. When we achieve we know why it is viewed as extraordinary compared to other campgrounds in the Himalayas. At night, bear in mind to click some impression of the wonderful Trishul on the BedniKund, a little lake in the campground.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 4

Day Four Bedni Bugyal to Bhaguabasa (14,107 ft) - 12 km

The trail is a simple walk and soon achieve GhoraLotani. From GhoraLotani, Patharnachauni is a slow rise. It is set apart by the green trekker's hovel worked by the Forest Department for trekkers to rest for the night. From here our climb ends up harder as we now begin arranging the change backs to rise KulluVinayak. It’s a 2 hour soak climb. This extend tests our psychological stamina and physical wellbeing as well. The KaluVinayaka top is set apart by a little sanctuary of ruler Ganesha. BaghuaBasa is a simple stroll from KaluVinayak top. The trail tenderly ascensions down and take an ease back left swing to achieve the campground of BaghuaBasa, which too has green Trekker's cottage.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 5

Day Five Bhaguabasa to Sheela Samudra (13,123 ft) by means of Roopkund (15,750 ft) and Junargali (16,568 ft) - 13 km

We start our move to Roopkund which takes us around 3 hours. The trail scales consistently and the last extend is a decent soak move for 60 minutes. We will discover numerous trekkers strolling on this trail and once we achieve, we invest some energy resting and getting a charge out of the place We are to cross the Junargali and consequently don't have much time to kill. Much troublesome undertaking is still to be finished and we prepare for it and that is climbing the Junairagali Pass. We are up against an exceptionally soak mass of hard snow and is hard to move without help of ice hatchet. The plunge from the pass best to Sheela Samudra is a sharp one at first which requires great fixation. Snow makes it promote trickier. Its best instructed to take after the trusted strides with respect to your guide here. Around 2 hours of ceaseless plummet conveys us to our campground set apart by a colossal stone which acts like a breeze shield.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 6

Day Six Rest and acclimatization at Sheela Samudra

Rest and acclimatization at Sheela Samudra.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 7

Day Seven Sheela Samudra to Dodang (14,698 ft ) - 8 km

We feel new following a rest day and are completely arranged to handle the day. We begin off gradually and soon wind up intersection the stones of Sheela Samudra. We witness numeric pools of the once a powerful icy mass. The course at that point takes after the Nandakini waterway climbing slowly upwards, however some piece of the trail is unmarked and extremely dangerous with no particular trail. We should be cautious in these areas. Our campground is set apart by a colossal rock shaping a give in.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 8

Day Eight Dodang to Homkund (13,320 ft) and Ronti Saddle (17,388 ft). Come back to Dodang - 10 km

We begin our trek early. After some simple trek we go over a sharp edge separating from its correct hand side, relatively like a 90 degree chunk of mud. We take the trail little drawback on the left half of the edge which looks more secure. The rigde gradually swings ideal to convey you to Homkund. Subsequent to offering supplications, we begin to ascend the precarious cold move to the Ronti Saddle. Starting scrambles and stroll over the stones for around 2 kilometers and after that bends through the snow field, we achieve the best. Its a 2 hour steep and strenuous move from Homkund to Ronti Saddle. The perspectives offered from the highest point of Ronti Saddle is amazing. Ronti Peaks 1, 2 ; Trishul 1, 2, 3 ; Nanda Ghunti ; Dronagiri looks simply stunning and a sight just the fortunate few get. Come back to Dodang for the night.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 9

Day Nine Dodang to Latakhopri (10,170 ft) - 16 km

This is a significant day with an astounding stream intersection to do. Its a difficult day and the stream crossing is the trickier part. Once that is done, we relax to achieve our campground at LataKhopri. The trek goes through a portion of the profound rich green timberland of the Nanda Devi Biosphere. Its an excellent campground in the midst of the profound wilderness.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 10

Day Ten Latakhopri to Sutol (7,217 ft) - 12 km

The plunge down to Sutol is a pleasant one which dives down through the woods. Sutol is an excellent town with a sanctuary, shop and few homes.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 11

Day Eleven Sutol to Ghat (4,429 ft) - 11 km. Drive to Lohajung

Our slip back to progress closes today as we hit the trail with incredible vitality. Around 4 hours of walk get you down to the engine head where your taxi will hold up to bring you down to Ghat, where our trek closes. A short jeep drive takes us to Lohajung.

Roopkund Homkund Ronti Saddle Itinerary Day 12

Day Twelve Return to Dehradun

Today, we will end our trek expedition and bag the memories to get back to our respective adobes. We will head back to the Dehradun after which you’ll be free to plan as per your destinations.

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What Included?

  • First Night Dinner and Accomodation in Guest House.
  • After Summit Breakfast Before Transportation.
  • All Time Meals and Snacks During Trek.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and Guides.
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Accomodation Confortable Tents During Trek.
  • Equipments for Trekking.
  • Healthy and Energytic Staff.

What Excluded?

  • Transport (Cab) from Dehradun to Dehradun.
  • All Meals and other Stuff During Transportation.
  • Trekking Stick and Warm Clothes.
  • Trekkers have to Carry their Bags During Trek.
  • Extra Mules Charges for One Bag(9 Kg Max.) for One Day Rs. 300.
  • All the Stuff which is not in Included is Excluded.

Equipments which Trekveda Provides!

  • Cramprons
  • Confortable Tents
  • Sleeping Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ropes (For Hiigh-Altitude Treks)
  • Maps


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