!!OFFER!! Get Flat 30% Off - Book with INR 500/- - 100% Refund Guaranteed!

!!OFFER!! Get Flat 30% Off - Book with INR 500/- - 100% Refund Guaranteed!

Baal-Kuari Trail

Rs.4,500per person plus 5% GST

5 Days25 Km


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Start : Parsuli KhalEnd : Parsuli Khal

Trail Highlights
  • Spring trail is full of Rhododendron blossoms.
  • It is most stunning and exotic Himalayan trail during winters & summer.
  • Food is provided.
  • Camping and stay in comfortable tents.
  • Experienced guide will guide you through this trail.
Inclusion in cost during the trail:
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Gears
  • Safety Equipment
  • Specialist Guide/Team
Exclusion in cost during the trail:
  • Transport to and from the base camp
  • Anything separated from considerations
Short Itinerary

Day 1: Reach Mall

Day 2: Mall to Ghansali

Day 3: Ghansali to Kota

Day 4: Kota to Kothar

Day 5: Kothar to Parsuli Khal to Rishikesh

See Detailed Itinerary

Baal-kuari Trail


The Trail to Baal-kuari is a fantastic experience, it is an amalgamation of spiritually, and an infinite beauty, Nestled in the Pauri, the most literate district of Gharwal region in Uttarakhand.


Baal-kuari is a temple on the basis of which the place has got its name “Baal-kuwari”; it is a famous temple in the region.


Trail Itinerary

Day 1 : Rishikesh to Parsuli Khal to Mall

Time taken: 3 to 4 hrs

The journey towards Baal-kuari trail starts from the Parsuli, a small village in the Gharwal region. From where it takes three to four hours to reach Mall from where the trail begins.

The whole journey has flat ridges, that is well known for a rock climb activity; the destination rests in the lap of Himalayas, one can start witnessing the change when the journey begins from Parsuli village.

On the way, the flora fauna will assist you further till you reach Mall, in between, you will be offered the evening appetizers such as snacks, tea, etc, throughout the way the Mother Nature will give you a splendid view, & the mountains will treat your eyes with all the beauty.

Before reaching your destination Mall around 5 to 6 Km before you will see the most spiritual spot that is Baal-kuari Temple, & from where you will walk in the slanted way to reach the village, as you enter the top of the town first then head towards the route into the city.

Where there are bundles of small streams, with the infinite Jungle throughout the way, later in the night, you will have dinner with bonfire along with the scenery of this magnificent village.

Day 2 : Mall to Ghansali

Time taken: 7 to 8 hrs

Next day you will be heading towards the Ghansali village from Mall in the morning after breakfast around 9 to 10 pm, the whole journey till Ghansali village is so ultimate that it offers the stunning view of the Himalayan range in Gharwal region.

The entire drive will pass through the boulders, that will seem little tiring for a day, but Nature will pamper you throughout the way, & the spirituality of the place will guide you positively towards your destination.

As on the way you will witness the swing made by God as the folk says. the whole pathway connects to the Dhangu valley.

The Ghansali villages is so vibrant with its organic food as well as people get any types of species there. later on the way you will take a halt beside a crystal clear waterfall for having lunch, the view will be spine-tingling for all those who are nature lovers, & around 3 to 4 pm you will reach Ghensali.

Day 3 : Ghansali to Kota

Time taken: 3 hrs

The 3rd day it will be ahead towards Kota from Ghansali village, the mysteries village that has a lot to explore, the place that is coated with flora throughout the way, the way will pass through the pine trees, rhododendrons. Along the way you will witness the Himalayan animals. The village has many beautiful things to witness along with the little streams.

There is a river Mandhu where later on you will have your lunch beside, the river that is also called black water it has some spiritual reason to its name.

Day 4 : Kota to Kothar

Time taken: 1 hrs

On the 4th day you will head towards Kothar from Kota, the place that is encompassed with the water all around, rivers, streams, the beauty of Mother Nature is so incredible that offers the splendid view throughout the way, the river with the pleasant sound that will not leave you alone for a single second. The whole area is so amazing that it seems like a fairy tale. Later there will be a lunch beside Kalsi sen that a significant ground wrapped up with trees

At night there will be dinner with Bonfire.

Day 5 : Kothar to Parsuli Khal to Rishikesh

Time taken: 4 hrs

On the last day of your journey, when you will head towards Rishikesh from Parshuli Khal.

On the 5th day it is a steep walk from Kothar to Parshuli Khal where it is an end of this beautiful journey, keep the memories to cherish for life then you will head back to Rishikesh, where you will take a halt in Parsuli Khal bus stop for lunch.

Later you will return to Rishikesh from Parsuli.

What you need to know about the trail expense

The trail expense of Rs. 4500 + 5% GST takes care of all expenses of the trail from Parsuli Khal to Parsuli Khal.

Here is what the trail fee includes:

  • Accommodation – Stay is included from Day 1 to the last day of the trail. You will be staying in the home stay or camps of the respective locations of the trail.
  • Meals – All meals from snaks on Day 1 to lunch till last day of the trail are included. We provide nutritious vegetarian & Non-vegetarian food on all days of the trail.
  • Trekking Equipment – You will stay in high quality tents and sleeping bags in camps as required.
  • Safety Equipment – First aid & medical kit will be available at all campsites to deal with emergencies.
  • Services of an expert Guide and Team – All our Guide are qualified are experienced.

Here is what the trail fee excludes:

  • Transport to and from the base camp – Trekveda will offer the taxi services from and to the base camp.
  • Food during transit to and from the base camp – The trail fee does not include meals purchased during the journey to and from the basecamp.
  • Backpack offloading charges - If you wish to offload your backpack, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 1000 + 5% GST. The backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs. Suitcases/strollers/duffel bags will not be allowed. Please note that charges will vary for last minute offloading in case you decide to offload your bag after reaching the basecamp (Rs. 1200 + 5% GST). Online offloading in advance is possible up to two days prior to the trail start date.
  • Stay at hill station on the last day.
  • Personal expenses of any kind.
  • Anything apart from inclusions.
  • Buffer day – It is mandatory to have this extra day as any bad weather or rain will delay your pass crossing. If buffer day is utilized, you will need to pay Rs. 900 + 5% GST. This amount is to be handed over to your trail Guide.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation: In case of trail cancellation due to any natural hazard or any other reason (like rain, strike etc.) Trekveda will undertake the whole responsibility of the amount as per its refund policy. Trekveda will provide its clients with a voucher which can be redeemed for any trail in the next one year.

    Or if you wish to call off the trail voluntarily at the last moment, in this case only the mail requests at cancel@trekveda.com or contact at +91 7078701964 will be entertained.

    While making a cancellation request, kindly brief the reason in the mail. Cancellation charges will vary as per the request period, which is as follows

    • Prior cancellation 40 days from the start of the trail is 90% refundable.
    • Cancellation between 40 to 20 days from the start of the trail is 45% refundable.
    • Cancellation between 20 to 10 days from the start of the trail is 10% refundable.
    • Cancellation within 10 days from the start of the trail is non-refundable.

    Please Note: In case of refund, there will be a deduction of 4% (bank charges) from the total fee you have paid. Also, if you have opted for a trail insurance, the amount will not be refunded. In the process of refunding the amount, it may take 15 working days to credit on your bank account.


    1. Change of trail batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
    2. In case of transferring a trail to a friend, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by Trekveda.
    3. Trekveda holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.
    4. The cancellation policy will be same whether you are cancelling your trail just after booking the trail.
  2. The trail fee includes all costs of the trail from the start at the base camp to the end.
  3. Emergency during trail: In case of medical emergency, the trekker will be taken care at the primary stage since we don’t accompany the doctors during the trail, however our trail leaders are trained for the first-aid treatment. Post the first-aid Trekveda will take the liability to send down the trekker to the nearest basecamp or road head.
  4. Fitness: Before you head to plan a Chadar trail, your body fitness needs to be maintained for the high-altitude Himalayan trail since level of oxygen is considerably low at high ranges, thus proper cardiovascular training is a vital component of pre-trail preparation.
  5. Non-liability: Trekveda is not responsible for any loss/damage of your gears/equipment or other belongings on the trail.
  6. Payment: Payment for the trail can be done online through credit/debit card or net banking. Cheque/draft or cash is not accepted.
  7. Drinking and Smoking during the trail is strictly prohibited. If found flouting the rules, your participation on the trail will be cancelled with immediate effect.