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Trekking Style

Are You Aware of Your Trekking Style?

Trekking is in trend, Himalayan range in India offers the best trekking experience till date. But many are not aware of what type of trekking one wants, so we are introducing these styles that will help you to spend less time in searching, & more time in the preparation of your way to your next destination.



From an opulence treatment in the hotel till the splendid view in the mountains, the amalgamation of these two is the style called “Classic". Mountains are bliss; everyone finds an escape in their busy schedule....

Trekking style


As to earn something precious, you compromise a bit, but here in Active. A big No, because you get a huge thrill as well as fun, you get to the most adventurous destinations, and there is a full thrill in each step you count,...

Trekking style


Are you a hardcore adventure lover? Do you want to face the unexpected thrill & want to fight against it? Survival is an ultimate style of trekking for all the adventure lovers, a situation where the trekker survives & flight....

Local living

Local living

The local living is an amalgamation of varied culture, cuisine, outfits, tradition, & lifestyle — the beauty of unexplored destinations nestled in the serenity of nature. The greenery that encompasses the whole....



A family has a value in everyone's life, from a kid living close to their parents till the working son away from their parents. In this fast pace life where technology has become more close to us than our parents, wife, and kids....

Top 5 Summit treks with Snow

Private Groups

Some people like to stay in their shell instead of meeting new people, as everybody has its type & being an introvert person; one prefers to travel & to trek with limited people whom they know better,......