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Sundardunga Glacier

Sunderdhunga Valley trek is smidgen vivacious when contrasted with Pindari and Kaphini. Sunder Dhunga is arranged toward the west of the Pindar valley. There are two ice sheets to be specific Maiktoli and Sukhram. This requesting climb offers you a great display. The trek at that point advances to town Khati. It is basic for both Pindari and Sunderdhunga. While Trekking, the summits endure an extraordinary sight of Tharkot (6100 m), Mrigthuni (6856 m), Maiktoil (6803 m) and Panwalidwar (6663 m).

Days: 7 Days Cost: On Request
Level: Moderate Altitude 13,448 ft.
Activity per Day: Apprx. 6 hours walking per day Activity: Sightseeing and high altitude trekking
State: Uttarakhand Length: 104 Km
Best Season: April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November Trip Route: Kathgodam - Bageshwar - Kharkiya -
Khati - Jaitoli - Kathaliya - Maiktoli Base Camp -
Kathaliya - Baluni Top - Jaitoli - Kharkiya - Bageshwar - Kathgodam
Start at: Bageshwar Ends at: Bageshwar

Trek Highlights

  • Sunderdhunga valley trek, a neighbor of the more acclaimed Pindari and Kafni icy mass treks, is thought to be most excellent trek of the three.
  • Sunderdhunga trek takes after waterway Sunderdhunga upstream from Khati until its source, clearing a path through thick backwoods home to numerous creatures; remote, nearly verging on extraordinary, towns; icy masses and immaculate elevated glades.
  • Pressing more assortment in every kilometer than some other trek, Sunderdhunga is clearly a trek that offers large number of regular shows.

Trek Introduction

Sunderdhunga trek is a neighbor of the more popular Pindari and Kafni ice sheet treks. This is thought to be most lovely trek of the three. Sunderdhunga trek takes after waterway Sunderdhunga upstream from Khati town until its cause. The trail advances through thick woodlands which are home to numerous creatures. It experiences remote, nearly verging on intriguing, towns, ice sheets and immaculate snow capped knolls. Pressing more assortment in every kilometer than some other trek, Sunderdhunga is unquestionably a trek that offers large number of regular shows.

What makes this trip different?

Additionally the valley could likewise be explored for two different ice sheets that are no less in storing consideration, Maiktoli and Sukhram. The landscape is made finished by the nearness of the four fundamental pinnacles overshadowing 6000 ft. They are Tharkot, Maiktoli, PawaliDwar and Mrigthuni.

Itinerary Overview

sundardunga glacier map

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Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 1

Day One Kathgodam to Loharkhet through Bageshwar , Bharari and Saung

Early in the day touch base at Kathgodam and drive towards Bageshwar , Almora , Binsar . Bageshwar is the base for all treks towards Sunderdhunga, Pindari and Kafni district.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 2

Day Two Drive from Bageshwar to Kharkiya via Bharai and Loharakhet. Trek to Khati (5 kms, 2 hrs)

Today we will begin our journey from Bageshwar and move to our first via Bharai and Loharkhet, leaving just 5 kms to trek to Khati. Prior to the expansion of this course Loharkhet used to be the beginning stage of trekking for both Sunderdunga and Pindari area. Infact this stretched out course from Loharkhet to Kharkiya wipes out the need of tiring move to Dhakuri on the first day. The rest of the 5 km trails to Khati takes after a well laid out way through Rhododendron and Oak trees.

While in transit to khati you will run over a few falls while strolling through the progress of Kuman slopes. One can have his first look at Khati Village from Dau . Khati is the last unmistakable town enroute to both Pindari and Sunderdunga .

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 3

Day Three Khati (7216 ft ) to Jatoli (8036 ft) – 8kms, 6-6.5 hrs

Arranged at 7216 ft, Khati is the last real town which bifurcates the courses to Sunderdhunga and Pindari and Kafni ice sheet. The town closes into the development site of a truly necessary PHC of this district. The trail additionally leads into thick backwoods thundering Pindar to your right side and further quelled in correlation Ghat Gad, a little tributary of Pindar, to your left side.

Subsequent to intersection Pindar connect you get the primary perspective of the Sunderdhunga waterway additionally ascends into the thin valley . You can have your first coffee break at Ritang town which is 2 kms from Khati. While strolling with moderately simple inclination you will achieve Jatoli town subsequent to intersection a little stream.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 4

Day Four Jatoli (8036 ft ) to Kathaliya (10660 ft ) - 13 kms ; 7-8 hrs

The trail gets additionally difficult from Jatoli , the landscape more rough and rises steeply from here. Subsequent to intersection the main scaffold the trail gets more extreme than previously and nearly on the midway the valley all of a sudden opens up with the primary clear perspective of PanwaliDwar and Maiktoli edges while crossing through the rock territory along the bank of the river.A shepherd hovel from the furthest side of the stream makes you agreeable to achieve Kathaliya .The place is encompassed by the edges of PanwaliDwar and Maiktoli . The conversion of two streams influencing SunderdhungaTo gad is a stunning site and an ideal place to get some all around earned rest.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 5

Day Five Kathaliya-Maiktoli Base Camp( 12628 ft )- 8 kms, 10660 ft

You need to begin the morning while at the same time trekking down to the waterway side and need to traverse enormous bolders .Maiktoli will be to your left side and you can have a reasonable perspective of Baluni Top .The trail is persistent tough from the stream following and keeping in mind that covering very nearly 30 min you will confront an extensive segment of icy mass zone. Subsequent to intersection the icy mass zone through sloppy territory you will discover PanwaliDwarinfront of you . The trek from heer is tranquil charming for another 1-1.5 kms to achieve the valley of maiktoli. Maiktoli is to your left side now ,and the massif of PanwaliDwar in your front.

The course back to Kathaliya will be same however you have be careful on the down trail while crossing the ice sheet.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 6

Day Six Kathaliya (10660 ft ) to Baluni Top (12513 ft)

Baluni Top is the best place to see all mountain scopes of Sunderdunga and Maiktolibowl . You need to begin ahead of schedule from Kathaliya to have a stupendous perspective of Vanoti ,Durgakot , Tent Peak , Tharkot ,Maiktoli , Panwalidwar and Baljuri from left to right.The height pick up is sudden and one can without much of a stretch vibe the elevation distinction while in transit to Baluni Top and further to Debi Kund which is relatively another 3 hrs tiring stroll from Baluni Top.

Despite the fact that the trail is simple after the underlying climb completes and the in excess of 180 degrees of pinnacle see invites you at the best.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 7

Day Seven Kathliya-Jatoli ( Distance – 13 kms )

The arrival excursion to Jatoli takes after a similar course which will obeviously take less time that of tough trail to cover 13 kms which isn't excessively overwhelming and can be secured relaxed, while appreciating the environment and taking photos.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 8

Day Eight Jatoli – To - Kharkiya by means of Khati. Drive to Bageshwar

The arrival travel from Jatoli to Kharkiya by means of Khati will take 3.5 hours and further 2 hours which is another 3 km slow tough trail to Dhakuri through Rhododendron and Pine trees. After the trek we will make a beeline for Bageshwar.

Sundardunga Glacier Itinerary Day 9

Day Nine Bageshwar To Kathgodam: 9 km , 5 hrs

We will go to the Kathgodam from Bageshwar where you'll have the capacity to design your goal as needs be.

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What Included?

  • First Night Dinner and Accomodation in Guest House.
  • After Summit Breakfast Before Transportation.
  • All Time Meals and Snacks During Trek.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and Guides.
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Accomodation Confortable Tents During Trek.
  • Equipments for Trekking.
  • Healthy and Energytic Staff.

What Excluded?

  • Transport (Cab) from Dehradun to Dehradun.
  • All Meals and other Stuff During Transportation.
  • Trekking Stick and Warm Clothes.
  • Trekkers have to Carry their Bags During Trek.
  • Extra Mules Charges for One Bag(9 Kg Max.) for One Day Rs. 300.
  • All the Stuff which is not in Included is Excluded.

Equipments which Trekveda Provides!

  • Cramprons
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  • First Aid Kit
  • Ropes (For Hiigh-Altitude Treks)
  • Maps


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