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Days: 13 Days Cost: On Request
Level: Difficult Altitude 17,255 ft.
Activity per Day: Apprx. 5.5 hours walking per day Activity: Sightseeing and high altitude trekking
State: Uttarakhand Length: 135 Km
Best Season: May, June, September, October Trip Route: Dehradun - Joshimath - Badrinath - Shepherd Camp - Snout Camp -
Moraine Camp - Base of Parvati Col - Panpatia Snowfield - Camp -
Panpatia Col - Camp At Sujal Sarovar - Kachni - Nanu Chatti -
Ransi - Rudraprayag - Dehradun
Start at: Joshimath Ends at: Rudraprayag

This is a noteworthy trek course, where a large number of the trekkers lost their way for ever. Panpatia Col is a snow regretted belt, lovely for the perspectives all around. More than the magnificence here, this course is a test for every one of the trekkers. You will get a guide now, however ten years previously now, the course has been an aggregate riddle. The course associates two of the best Hindu journey focuses, Kedarkantha and Badrinath. The course is one of the most elevated go in the Himalayas, where Panpatia ice sheet should be crossed. Top pinnacles encompass the cool belt will appear to resemble creatures. This place is known as the maze of Himalayas.

Trek Highlights

  • Pay regard at the Badrinath Temple, a holy place of Chardham visit.
  • Experience the excite of trekking through perilous ice fields of Panpatiya and the most difficult trails of Garhwal.
  • See the Hathi Parvat and Dhauliganga tops.
  • Witness high height streams.
  • A notable course!! An intriguing fanciful story has it that a sage used to play out his day by day customs of love in Badrinath and Kedarnath around the same time.

Trek Introduction

Panpatia Col lies between two anonymous 5500 m + tops. As per a fanciful story, a minister used to perform customs at the sanctums of Badrinath and Kedarnath around the same time, utilizing a course known as KedarBadri interfacing the two sanctuaries. This legend fuelled investigations to discover a course associating the two sanctums drawing any semblance of Shipton and Tilman, Meade and Harish Kapadia. The primary revealed intersection of the fanciful go at very nearly 18000 ft. was in 1934 by Shipton and Tilman, while ensuing endeavours in 1984 and 1997 were impeded by its mind boggling approach crosswise over enormous icefalls. Shipton and Tilman's intersection of the pass remained unrepeated till 1999, when Martin Moran drove a group over the go through a variety of the first course, evading a portion of the icefall threat. At long last, in 2007, a Bengali group drove by DebabrataMukhejee, opened a trekkable course to the pass climbing the Parvati Col to access the upper snowfields of Panpatia Col. The new course, in any case, is no less a genuine undertaking, and stays, till date, one of the minimum crossed goes in the Indian Himalaya.

What makes this trip different?

The main attraction of this trek is the mystery behind the skeletons in the lake due to which it is also known as the ‘Skeleton Lake’. There has been many stories and theories behind this presence of the skeletons in the lake, but it was revealed that they are the remains of the people who faced a severe hail storm and died.

While you go for Roopkund trekking, you will feel a natural charm and mystery in the environment. The Kund is situated around 16499 ft. above the sea level. There are many unknown facts about this trek, which will push you to go for this trek and some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you are going for a trek for the first time, then this is the right choice for you. This trek is safe, adventurous, mysterious, and beautiful or we can say that it is a complete package.
  • Obviously, everyone knows about the oak forests which are found above Wan, but do you know that these forests stretch for more than 3,000 feet.
  • You can see Mount Trishul, which is the first 7,000 metre summit climbed by man, closest in front of you. Such a sight is unique in Himalayan Trails.

You will experience many such things which will compel you to return to Roopkund for another breathtaking experience of the trek.

Itinerary Overview

panpatia col map

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Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 1

Day One Dehradun To Joshimath (1875 M)

We will drive to Joshimath from Dun. In transit, we will end at an eatery for the lunch. Subsequent to achieving Joshimath you will registration to the lodging. We will remain overnight at a lodging in Joshimath.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 2

Day Two Joshimath To Badrinath (3133 M)

Today in the wake of eating early in the day, we will drive towards. After you reach at Badrinath registration to the lodging and get some rest. Later at night, we will visit the noticeable Badrinath Temple. We will trek for around 20 minutes to achieve the campground. We will remain overnight in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 3

Day Three Badrinath To Shepherd Camp

On this day, we will trek towards the Shepherd Camp. We will climb up to the tree line, which is set apart by banners on the rocks. In the wake of trekking for some time we will achieve our campground which is arranged at a situation from where you get the fantastic the perspectives of the encompasses. We will remain overnight in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 4

Day Four Shepherd Camp To Snout Camp

Today, we will trek on the blend of territories. Amid the trail, we will take a direct tough climb to sharp trips keeping in mind the end goal to achieve the nose of the marvellous Panpatia ice sheet. We will remain overnight in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 5

Day Five Snout Camp To Moraine Camp (4300 M)

Today, trekking we will be for a more drawn out term yet it will be a direct one trek with some delicate climbs on the trail. We will cross the moraines and navigate the patches of snow. Our reward for the present trekking will be the spectacular perspectives of the transcending Himalayan Mountains. We will remain for the night in the Moraine Camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 6

Day Six Rest and Acclimatize (4300 M)

This whole day is just for having some rest and acclimatization before the beginning of the trek. We will remain for the night in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 7

Day Seven Moraine Camp To Base Of Parvati Col

Today, we will begin our next trekking goal will be the base of Parvati Col. To achieve Parvati Col. We will go through the Panpatia Snow Field. The trekking pathway includes sharp grades. We will camp just beneath the Parvati Col. We will remain for the night in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 8

Day Eight Base of Parvati Col To Panpatia Snowfield - Camp

Subsequent to having healthy breakfast, we will push forward and move to the edge of the porch from where the best way to go upwards is through a vertical ravine which is secured with shake and snow. From the spot, we will have the capacity to see the heavenly ChaukhambaPeak, and if lucky; we may likewise observe the dazzling Nanda Devi Peak. We will remain for the night in the Panpatia Snowfield.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 9

Day Nine Camp I To Across Panpatia Col (5260 M) To Camp at Sujal Sarovar (4750 M)

On this day of our trek, we will go through a snow level to achieve Panpatia Col (5260 M). Advancing is a steep drop that will prompt the Madhyamaheshwar watershed. We will camp overnight next to a little pool of Sujal Sarovar.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 10

Day Ten Sujal Sarovar to Kachni

Subsequent to having healthy breakfast, we will begin our trek towards Kachni. To achieve Kanchi we will trek through inclined and shake strewn zones through a little pass situated over the Sujal Sarovar. Subsequent to trekking for quite a while, we will achieve our campground. The campground faces the Madhmaheshwar Ganga, and furthermore from here one can see the sanctuary underneath and the lights of Guptkashi. We will remain for the overnight in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 11

Day Eleven Kachni to NanuChatti

On this day, we will trek to the Madhmaheshwar sanctuary, which will take around (3 to 4) hours. We will visit the sanctuary and will eat at a close-by bistro. In the wake of eating, we will climb through the timberlands to our camp arranged at Nanu glib, which is a little settlement of the late spring homes for individuals from the towns of Gaundhar. We will remain for the overnight in the camp.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 12

Day Twelve NanuChatti To Ransi and Drive To Rudraprayag

Today is the latest day of trekking. On this day, we move downwards going through the thick pine woods to land at the bank of Madhmaheshwar Ganga. At Ransi our trek will end and from this area, we will drive towards the Rudraprayag. We will remain for the overnight in the lodging at Rudraprayag.

Panpatia Col Itinerary Day 13

Day Thirteen Rudraprayag To Dehradun

In the wake of having healthy breakfast, we will drive toward Haridwar going through the conjunction Devprayag where Bhagirathi River and Alaknanda River meet each other. After hitting Dun you’ll be free to choose your respective destinations.

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GUARANTEED: This date is available and open for booking. This trip is guaranteed to depart. Go for it.

LIMITED: There are a very limited number of available places on this departure. Immediate booking is recommended.

CLOSED: This date is currently unavailable. Please contact Trekveda if you are interested in travelling on this date.

What Included?

  • First Night Dinner and Accomodation in Guest House.
  • After Summit Breakfast Before Transportation.
  • All Time Meals and Snacks During Trek.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and Guides.
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Accomodation Confortable Tents During Trek.
  • Equipments for Trekking.
  • Healthy and Energytic Staff.

What Excluded?

  • Transport (Cab) from Dehradun to Dehradun.
  • All Meals and other Stuff During Transportation.
  • Trekking Stick and Warm Clothes.
  • Trekkers have to Carry their Bags During Trek.
  • Extra Mules Charges for One Bag(9 Kg Max.) for One Day Rs. 300.
  • All the Stuff which is not in Included is Excluded.

Equipments which Trekveda Provides!

  • Cramprons
  • Confortable Tents
  • Sleeping Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ropes (For Hiigh-Altitude Treks)
  • Maps


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