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Panchachuli Base Camp

One of the goliath snow-topped Himalayan pinnacles lying toward the finish of the eastern Kumaon locale; Panchachuli Peak is a popular fascination of Uttarakhand. The pinnacles have religious noteworthiness for local people and for the adventurists its Base Camp is a perfect choice for a short trek. As a rule, trekkers thronged towards the base camp of the Panchachuli Peak amongst May and September.

Days: 9 Days Cost: On Request
Level: Moderate Altitude 13,975 ft.
Activity per Day: Apprx. 7 hours walking per day Activity: Sightseeing and high altitude trekking
State: Uttarakhand Length: 110 Km
Best Season: March , April , May, June Trip Route: Kathgodam - Dharchula - Dar - Urthing -
Naagling - Son - Panchachuli Base Camp -
Naagling - Urthing - Dar - Dharchula - Kathgodam
Start at: Dharchula Ends at: Dharchula

Trek Highlights

  • Meet and welcome individuals of inborn settlements-Tawaghat and New Sobla.
  • Experience the excite of the trekking by strolling on the limited ways, chipped scaffolds and bluff edge.
  • Behold the magnificence of the trek by getting look at waterfalls, valleys, streams and pinnacles.

Trek Introduction

Panchachuli Base Camp is one of the energizing base camps that set out its marquee in a 40-kilometer trek beginning from Dar to Panchachuli Glacier. Settling cosily in the lap of the snow topped pinnacles of Panchachuli, the Darma valley in Pithoragarh region is enriched with inexhaustible beautiful magnificence, The course to the icy mass is possess large amounts of an unbelievable blend of exciting landscape, snow-capped mountains, spouting streams, Alpine glades and a rich assortment of vegetation and fauna. Arranged in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, the trekking course frames the watershed between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. Panchachuli Glacier lying on the laps of Kumaon Himalayan range in the Darma Valley, close to the fringes of Nepal and Tibet a territory of remarkable excellence .The whole trek to the icy mass is a stroll along the stream Dhauliganga.

What makes this trip different?

It is a generally simple trek through Darma Valley in Eastern Kumaon. The perspective of the pinnacles and the whole valley from the Base Camp is amazing. The trail keeps running along the Dhauli Ganga River. This locale is near Tibet toward the north and Nepal toward the east. It was an imperative exchange course amongst Tibet and India before 1962. If it's not too much trouble ensure the Inner line Permit is gotten ahead of time at Dharchula.

Itinerary Overview

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Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 1

Day One Kathgodam to Dharchula 9hrs(290km.)

It's an entire day's drive to Dharchula from Kathgodam. The pleasant ride through the Pitholagarh locale of Uttarakhand goes through the towns of Bhimtal, Almora, Dhaulchina, Sera-gat, Chaukhori, Thal, Ashkot. The elevated Himalayan reaches and the crevasses beneath, local towns and the sheer excellence of the woodlands are you organization all through the drive to Dharchula. Dharchula which is nearly straddling India and Nepal over the stream Kali is a beautiful confined remote valley town in the midst of the snow topped pinnacles. It filled in as an old exchanging course amongst India and Nepal. Overnight remain at a homestay in the Dharchula town.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 2

Day Two Dharchula - Dar - Urthing

Dar is the last street head in Darma Valley for this trek. From Dharchula it is a 3 hour drive to Dar along a blustery street through the little inborn settlements Tawaghat and New Sobla. From Dar it is a 3-4 hour stroll to achieve the campground of Urthing throughBongling backwoods. The trek to Urthing is along a thin precipice edge with the Dhauliganga waterway spouting underneath to your right side. The way twists itself on a stone slice extend to achieve the town of Bongling. It's a level stroll with short ascensions in the middle of to achieve the campground. Overnight remain in camp.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 3

Day Three Urthing - Naagling

It's a simple stroll with short plummets and ascensions. The donkey track from Urthing to Naagling experiences slope sides of green peaceful land, with Dhauli Ganga streaming beneath slicing through the canyons. The trail goes through the green knolls of the inward Himalayan reaches and a suspension connect over the waterway to traverse to Sela campground. The campground is on the edges of Naagling on the green cover close by the stream. Overnight remain in Camp.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 4

Day Four Naagling – Son

The trail to Naagling comes slope sides and is a rough territory for the initial 3 kilometeres. We at that point enter the coniferous woods of high oak and birch trees and further along we achieve the table best glade of Nagling. The view from this vantage point is an incredible sight. Encompassed by the strong Himalayas, the perspectives of the inaccessible ice sheets is energizing. From the glade Baaling is another 3 kilometre stroll through the vegetation terrains of the tribal. Child is a pleasant for the most part uninhabited settlement of the Darma Valley. Overnight remain in Camp.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 5

Day Five Son – Panchchuli Base camp (4260 Mts.)

We stroll to the Base camp is along a tight trail through the huge span of the DantuBugyals. With the timberland cover to achieve the icy mass, on one side and the Meola stream bed on the other it's as steep dive to PCBC. The trek to PCBC itself is exceptionally pleasant with the bugyals extending far and wide on one side and the backwoods of birch and conifer on the other.

Wild blossoms and wild strawberries develop on either side of the tight way which has soak climbs and dives till we come to the PCBC. With the pinnacles transcending above and perpetual extends of ice sheets, the place itself gives a unimaginable view of a sprawling glade flanked by tall oak and birch trees with the PanchChulli (6904 mts./22652 ft.) transcending out of sight. We backtrack our way back to Nagling and camp for the night. Overnight remain in Camp.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 6

Day Six Panchachuli Base Camp-Naagling

Toward the beginning of the day we will trek down to Bungling. The trek is anything but difficult to downwards. Supper and overnight remain in tents.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 7

Day Seven Naagling to Urthing 12km

Toward the beginning of the day we will trek down to Bungling. The trek is anything but difficult to downwards. Supper and overnight remain in tents. Back to the Naagling the distance to same over from PCBC.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 8

Day Eight Urthing to Dar drive back to Dharchula

This is our last day of trekking. We will trek down 5 kms to achieve Sobla and from here drive to Dharchula. Supper and overnight remain in inn.

Panchachuli Base Camp Itinerary Day 9

Day Nine Dharchula to Kathgodam

We drive down to Kathgodam and reach by night to take the overnight prepare/transport to your respective places.

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What Included?

  • First Night Dinner and Accomodation in Guest House.
  • After Summit Breakfast Before Transportation.
  • All Time Meals and Snacks During Trek.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and Guides.
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Accomodation Confortable Tents During Trek.
  • Equipments for Trekking.
  • Healthy and Energytic Staff.

What Excluded?

  • Transport (Cab) from Dehradun to Dehradun.
  • All Meals and other Stuff During Transportation.
  • Trekking Stick and Warm Clothes.
  • Trekkers have to Carry their Bags During Trek.
  • Extra Mules Charges for One Bag(9 Kg Max.) for One Day Rs. 300.
  • All the Stuff which is not in Included is Excluded.

Equipments which Trekveda Provides!

  • Cramprons
  • Confortable Tents
  • Sleeping Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ropes (For Hiigh-Altitude Treks)
  • Maps


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