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Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass

The Nandikund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is a diamond of a trek in the lap of the Himalayas of Uttrakhand. Presenting close perspectives of Chaukhaba, Mandani and perspectives to the extent the Panpatia Snow field, Neelkanth, Parvati and that of the rich Nanda Devi and so on, from the highest point of Ghiya Vinayak pass, the Nandikund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is simply eminent and an absolute necessity improve the situation all the Himalayan High Seekers.

Days: 9 Days Cost: On Request
Level: Difficult Altitude 15,748 ft.
Activity per Day: Apprx. 6 hours walking per day Activity: Sightseeing and high altitude trekking
State: Uttarakhand Length: 76 Km
Best Season: June, September, October Trip Route: Dehradun - Ransi - Bantoli - Madhyameshwar -
KachniDhar - Pandavsera - BarmaBugiyal -
BansiNarayan - Urgaon - Urgum - Dehradun
Start at: Ransi Ends at: Urgum

Trek Highlights

  • Relish the perspective of Panpatia ice sheet (4,200 meters), Neelkanth (6,596 m), Chaukhamba(7,138 m) and Mandani
  • Get awed by the magnificence of Nandi Kund
  • Ramble over the glades of BarmaBugyal and ManpaiBugyal
  • Seek endowments of the God Shiva at Madhyamaheshwar, which is likewise an imperative sanctuary of PanchKedar journey circuit
  • Experience the excite of trekking to one of the hardest trek of the Garhwal area

Trek Introduction

Nandikund is a lovely high elevation lake spread over a territory of 1.5 km situated at 15748 foot.On the way to Madhyamaheshwar – Kalpeshwar trail. The trail summons a delightful view of rich green knolls and the snow secured Chaukhamba gathering of pinnacles of and Mandani Parbat. This high height trek takes you over the high ranges without including the ice sheets or even snow if endeavouring in harvest time. In any case, amid spring and late-spring, you may discover a lot of snow.

What makes this trip different?

The Himalayan Mountains of India coax both national and universal Mountain Trekkers to appreciate the excite of trekking, the snow-clad ice sheets, rich green knolls, perfectly clear water streaming in waterways with plenitude of grand wonders and a peaceful air. Nandikund Trek is one of them. In any case, the distinction is, notwithstanding the joy of trekking mountain-ways, the trekkers can likewise visit in transit legacy and Hindu folklore related spots, sanctuaries and landmarks.

Itinerary Overview

nandi kund ghiya vinayak pass map

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Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 1

Day One From Dehradun To Ransi, Via - Guptkashi, Ukhimath

Prepare to take the grand sloping drive to Ransi on the well known journey course of Madhyamaheshwar. The drive is extremely fascinating and offers you a show of different shades of the Himalayan State of Uttrakhand.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 2

Day Two From Ransi To Bantoli, Via - Gaundhar

Today is the beginning day of our Nandi Kund - GhiyaVinayak Pass Trek. We head towards Bantoli from Ransi and its an extremely grand trek. The town and religious existence of the high height towns of Uttrakhand is in plain view all through the trek course. Being a prevalent journey course, the course is chirpy also with brimming with clear hues and life.

The trek is pretty much simpler getting more extreme now and again. We get enough alternative to have our lunch and little snacks enroute Bantoli. Gaundhar is a point we run over on the course exceptionally close to Bantoli on the Nandi Kund - GhiyaVinayak Pass Trek. It is here where the Madhyamaheshwar Ganga and Markanda Ganga meets, with an exquisite looking little extension over it. Minimal more on the course and we achieve Bantoli, our end for the night.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 3

Day Three From Bantoli To Madhyameshwar, Via - NanuChatti, Kun Chatti

Madhyamaheshwar is one of the panchkedars and is one of the prevalent and exceedingly evaluated journey course for the Hindus. The trek course crosses NanuChatti soon after some time into the trek. It the goes by Maikhamba and Kun Chatti, from where its a decent stroll for somewhere in the range of 3 hours to convey us to the place of worship of Madhyamaheshwar.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 4

Day Four From Madhyamaheshwar To KachniDhar

Today our trek to Nandi Kund takes a radical change, both as challenges of the climb, and the isolation of the trail. Subsequent to awakening to a beautiful morning in the favored site of Madhyamaheshwar, we prepare to handle the day's trek. It includes a lofty constant move to the Kachni Khal checked normally by 2 tremendous rocks shaping an entryway.

An exhausting move of somewhere in the range of 4 - 5 hours gets us to the highest point of Kachni Khal. From here, the trail forks and one goes left towards Kedarnath, other to Panpatia and the course on the privilege goes towards Nandi Kund. Our campground is a rough fix today with awesome perspectives of Chowkhamba.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 5

Day Five From KachniDhar To Pandavsera

The trek for now abandons all indications of human advancement and takes after an unmarked shepherd's trail to achieve Pandavsera. An exceptionally effective neighborhood control is highly required here. We trek through shrubberies and cross the Madhyamaheshwarnala various circumstances and go by couple of little waterfalls to achieve a level knoll. This is set apart as Pandavsera and we camp here for the night, by the stream.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 6

Day Six From Pandavsera To BarmaBugiyal, Via - Nandi Kund, GhiyaVinayak Pass

The trail takes after the Madhyamaheshwarnalaemmerging out from Nandi Kund. It’s a continuous climb which gets more extreme on occasion. The harsh landscape displays its difficulties. We cross the Madhyamaheshwarnala numerous circumstances and after that move up soak for one more hour to come to the tranquil Nandi Kund. The serene lake takes our heart immediately. The pinnacles of Chowkhamba floats over and on an unmistakable climate, its simple to get an impression of the Mighty Chowkhamba on the emerald surface of the peaceful Nandi Kund.

The trek for the day isn't finished yet as we are required to cross the overwhelming GhiyaVinayak Pass. A lofty constant move for around 3 hours from here will take us to the highest point of the GhiyaVinayak Pass. The view from the GhiyaVinayak pass is simply stunning. The pinnacles of Chowkhamba, Neelkantha and Nanda Devi are unmistakable on a crisp morning. The icy mass table of the Panpatia too is noticeable from here.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 7

Day Seven From BarmaBugiyal To Bansi Narayan

The present trail is longer, yet being much agreeable, simpler and is likewise wonderful with extraordinary contrast to the earlier day's territory. It’s about delicate green glades and thick front of conifers.

The trail twists effectively to the ManpaiBugiyal from BarmaBugiyal before plummeting steeply through the backwoods to the tributary of the Kalpa Ganga. From here, it additionally ascends to the greens of Bansi Narayan, set apart by a little sanctuary.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 8

Day Eight From Bansi Narayan To Urgaon

We proceed with the plunge like yesterday with different climbs and dives to get us to the settlement of Urgum.Kalpeshwar is only 2 Kilometers from here and we will visit it at night. With this, our lovely trek to the Nandikund and GhiyaVinayak pass has finished.

Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek Itinerary Day 9

Day Nine From Urgum To Dehradun

Early morning, we drive back to Dehradun and convey a conclusion to our strolling ways! We offer farewells with a guarantee to meet sooner, in the Himalayas - same soul, diverse area!

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What Included?

  • First Night Dinner and Accomodation in Guest House.
  • After Summit Breakfast Before Transportation.
  • All Time Meals and Snacks During Trek.
  • Experienced Trek Leader and Guides.
  • First Aid Kit
  • For Accomodation Confortable Tents During Trek.
  • Equipments for Trekking.
  • Healthy and Energytic Staff.

What Excluded?

  • Transport (Cab) from Dehradun to Dehradun.
  • All Meals and other Stuff During Transportation.
  • Trekking Stick and Warm Clothes.
  • Trekkers have to Carry their Bags During Trek.
  • Extra Mules Charges for One Bag(9 Kg Max.) for One Day Rs. 300.
  • All the Stuff which is not in Included is Excluded.

Equipments which Trekveda Provides!

  • Cramprons
  • Confortable Tents
  • Sleeping Bag
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ropes (For Hiigh-Altitude Treks)
  • Maps


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