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Swargarohini Peaks

Swargarohini Peaks

Swargarohini Peaks are famous for many reasons in Hindu mythology.

The epic beauty of Uttarakhand, Swargarohini peaks nestled in Garhwal Himalayas situated in Uttarkashi. Resting in Bandrapunch range, consist of four peaks makes it a Swargarohini peak 1,2,3,4. The peak are known for their dramatic terrains, topography, and much more. The peaks name as Eastern, and western peaks. Swargarohini peaks are famous for many reasons in Hindu mythology, and have a big impact on Hinduism. The peaks are well known for trekking as well, but the whole terrain is not easy, Men who did the first ascent till Swargarohini peaks were done in 1974. Located at an altitude of 6,543 meters Swargarohini peaks are shaped like pyramid above the snout of Gangotri Glacier. Swargarohini Peak 1 is the main peak amongst other four, especially for its unique topography, stands out in the Gangotri group of the mountains.

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