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Defining the beauty in Flora, It is the national flower of Nepal with having more than 1,024 species of woody plants in the heath family, some are evergreen, and some are deciduous. Spotted mainly in Asia where most of them have quite showy flowers.

Many people have rhododendrons in their garden or flower pot. Rhododendron grows in the form of bush or small tree. It can grow from 3.9 inches to 98 feet in height, depending on the variety.

Rhododendron evergreen types usually have large, paddle-shaped leaves. Deciduous plants often have small, elliptical leaves. Bottom side of leaves of some species of rhododendron is covered with hairs or scales.

Rhododendron has variety of colors such as white, pastel, orange, golden, red, pink or purple. Most types of rhododendron produce fragrant flowers.

Rhododendron is also known as "rose tree" because it often produces flowers in trusses, just like some types of roses, Fruit of rhododendron is dry capsule. Ripe fruit usually splits lengthwise to release seed.

Rhododendron is often used in landscaping or for decoration of woodland gardens due to ornamental morphology of its leaves and flowers. Some types of rhododendron are planted as hedges.

Rhododendron is consumed in the form of pickled flowers and juice in Nepal. Rhododendron maximum is the state flower of West Virginia. This species of rhododendron is imprinted on the flag of West Virginia. Labrador tea is herbal tea made of three closely related species of rhododendron.