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Jammu Kashmir: The King's Crown

Jammu Kashmir

Beauty beyond one’s imagination.

Indian crown in the northern Himalayas aka central Himalayas “Jammu and Kashmir” the paradise that is sought after worldwide, it has so much to offer to the humanity, a beauty beyond one’s imagination, plentiful of fruits and dry fruits, the one amongst them is “Saffron”, grows only in two or three places worldwide where the one place is Kashmir it is cultivated in two areas in Kashmir, along with that Kashmir is well loved for its handicrafts, Kashmiri Shawls and the wooden work of Kashmir.

The destination has the savour of delicious food, the delighting dish that is “Wazwan” is all time speciality of the Kashmir, and the majority of dishes are non-vegetarian. Some of the most delicious recipes of Wazwan are tabakhmaz, rogan josh, rista, aabgosh, Dhaliwal korma, marching korma and gushtaba. Polav, a great dish of Wazhawan is something that should not be missed. It is a sweet rice dish cooked in clarified butter and milk. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are experts in making different types of rice. Rice is one of the most famous dishes of their meals. Also try out ‘saag’, which is a green leafy vegetable, high in nutritive value. Lotus root is also used in many dishes. A wide variety of vegetables are also a part of the cuisine of Jammu and Kashmir.