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Bandrapunch Peak

Bandrapunch Peak

Bandrapunch is behind the name of Hindu God.

Himalayas are the sign of beauty, nature, and authentic creation of almighty. Every mountain in Himalayan range has a vast impact on Humanity, spiritually. So here is another peak of Himalayas, standout as the most spiritually yet the most adventurous peak, “Bandrapunch peak”. Bandrapunch is behind the name of Hindu God, and the warrior Hanuman, who went to the summit of the mountain to extinguish the fire of his tail, kept the fire while fighting a battle to save Princess Sita from the evil energy of Ravan. Bandrapunch is the mountain massif in Garhwal Himalayas; consist of three peaks White peak, Bandrapunch peak, and Kalanag peak that is also called black peak. The massif is a part of Sankri range, lies in the Govind Pashu vihar national park & Sanctuary. The first man who climbed the expedition was Harold William in 1950, and the first ever team was of Tenzing Norgay, Sergeant Roy, and Greenwood & Shepra King Chok Tshening.

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