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Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the following Terms and Conditions before registering.


Trek fee includes all the cost of the trek starting from Base Camp till ending of the trek at Base Camp. Transport will be exclude from the trek fee, you may take the Trekveda Transport Service, we will notify you after booking confirmation. Transport charges may differ according to selected convenience.

Pickup and drop (transportation) is excluded from the package.

We expect our trekkers to carry their backpacks which contains - warm gears, clothes, toilet kits, towel and other necessary thing. Trekveda team will carry camping gears like tents/sleeping bags. You can choose if you want our team to carry your backpack which is chargeable. Partial offloading is not allowed therefore, the charge for the entire trek is Rs 1,375/- (inclusive of GST at 5%). The offloading can be refused on the arrival due to insufficient animal or man power. Suitcases, duffel bags and strolleys are not allowed for offloading. The backpack to be offloaded should not be more than 9 kg’s.

Note: If you need to book your backpack offloading through Trekveda then please contact us before 10 Days. Sudden backpack offloading charges will be Rs. 300/- per day.

Any emergency or medical emergency may arise during the trek. If due to any reason, you sat down during the trek, then Trekveda will make the arrangements for you so that you can return to the base camp. You will be accompanied by one of our staff’s but he may not be trained.

It is difficult dealing or evacuating while any emergency in mountains which is also time consuming. A trek of 2 hours may take up to 6 hours during an emergency. Doctors do not go along with the team and are not available at the base camp. But our trek leaders know how to deal with the problems or issues related to the mountains and are trained to administer first aid.

If you are registering for this trek, it means that you understand and have read all the difficulties of high altitude trekking and understanding the risks. You have also understood about HAPE, AMS and HACE. You have also educated yourself as well as you are in a position to manage emergency of your own related to altitude.

Your body needs to train itself in order to process more work while there is lower level of oxygen as well as it requires a considerable fitness to trek Himalayas at a high altitude. It is very important to take Cardiovascular training before a trek which must include flexibility an strength workout. If you register for this trek, it means that you understood that you will undertake the mandated fitness training and Trekveda have full rights to reject candidates who do not meet our eligibility requirements.

1. BMI upper limit is 28. Please calculate your BMI here. Your BMI will be checked at the base camp again.

2. Age criteria

  • Those above 50 have to show proof of current fitness before registration (If you have any quaries, you can call us on +91 9821325153/54).
  • Lower age limit is 8 years.

3. Fitness requirement:

Trekveda expect trekkers to prepare well for a trek.

Expected preparation guidelines:

  • For those below 45: Should be able to jog a distance of 5 km in 35 mins, 4 times a week.
  • For those above 45: Brisk walk at the speed of 9 min/km, Must be able to cover 3 km in 27 mins.

If you need help with preparation please talk to us before registering. Call us on +91 9821325153/54.

Trekveda will not be responsible for any damage of your equipment’s, gears or any other belongings during the trek.

Drinking and Smoking is strictly prohibited as it is very dangerous on high altitude trek. Your participation will be canceled forthright if you flout this rule on the trek.

The payment will be done online through debit, credit card or net banking as cheque, cash or draft are not accepted.

If the trek is called off during any natural calamity or unforseen circumstances like earthquake, strike, landslides etc. then we Trekveda will issue you a voucher of full amount which can be redeemed for another trek in the next one year or for the same trek.

Cancellation requests of the trek are not taken over the phone so, please e-mail us at info@trekveda.com for any cancellations.

The charges of the cancellation are as follows:

  • Prior cancellation 40 days from the start of the trek is 90% refundable.
  • Cancellation within 30 to 20 days from the start of the trek is 45% refundable.
  • Cancellation before 10 days from the start of the trek is nonrefundable.

N.B: There will be a 4% bank charge deduction in case of refund from total fee that you have paid. But, the amount will not be refunded if you opted for trek insurance.

Our itineraries allow adequate acclimatization but some of the treks in Indian Himalayas are climb quickly which are called forced accents and the reason for this is unavailability of camp sites and the Indian Himalayan terrain. You might feel altitude sickness and oxygen deprivation during this trek so please be aware that the trek leaders may deem it unsafe for you at any time to continue trekking and arrange for you to descend at lower attitude.

Routine health checks will be held at the camps to measure saturation, oxygen, blood pressure and pulse. If the trekker's vital readings are lower than the accepted norms for that altitude then Trekveda reserves the rights to exclude any trekker from climbing higher without refund on the trek. These norms are available with the leaders of Trekveda.

This trek is at high altitude with rocky, snowy and rough terrain therefore it is important for you to be a confident and fit mountain terrain walker so that you are able to manage descents and ascents by yourself. If the trekkers are unable to complete the itinerary without the required exclusive assistance in the opinion of our trek leaders, then Trekveda reserves the right to turn the trekker around. Before registering for the trek, please realistically self-assess your fitness and suitability.

     Accept Terms and Conditions      Accept Terms and Conditions

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