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Measures to Take While Trekking in Hot Weather

Measures to take

Measures to Take While Trekking in Hot Weather.

Trekking is an adventurous activity, and can be planned in any season, trekkers who are passionate about always looking for something thrilling no matter what the season is, Though in every season there are challenges that trekkers have to face while trekking, so here in this blog all about hot weather trekking.

Wait Out the Mid-day Heat

Measures to Take

Wait Out the Mid-day Heat.

The most significant piece of advice is to wait till mid-day heat! Though it cannot be applied in long days trek but if you trekking is for day or two, try to start your trekking by mid day.

Backpack Weight

Backpack Weight

Keep the essentials only not everything.

Purge your gear of any items that don’t make sense for hot weather. Do you really need a 35-degree sleeping bag or spare jacket when it’s going to be 70 at night? Do you really need a hot meal after being in scorching heat all day? Or is the cookset / stove just extra weight?

Keep the essentials only not everything; otherwise, you will go to end up giving up before reaching the summit.

Cotton doesn’t always kill

Cotton doesn’t always kill

Cotton doesn’t always kill.

Take a cotton shirt, soak it in a river, then put it in a zip lock bag, and keep it in your pack. If you ever felt dangerously close to heat exhaustion, put the shirt on and let it cool you off. It failed to wick moisture away from my body and therefore helped to cool me down.

It’s essential to understand your environment, in the right climate, Cotton can be an asset.

Water Consumption

Water Consumption

Hydration not only helps you to stay relaxed.

Hydration is everything on hot days. When you start to get dehydrated, your energy gets zapped, your judgment becomes cloudy, and worse yet you could be setting yourself up for a dangerous and even life-threatening situation.

Hydration not only helps you to stay relaxed, but it keeps you moving for a long time than usual.

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