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Experience The Thrill of Kedarkantha Trek in Winters

“Your body can do anything you wish for, it’s your brain you need to convince.”

The whole district of Uttaranchal is known for the evergreen hosts of Himalayan Ranges which India takes enormous pride in. With regards to Trekking in Uttarakhand, the rundown is endless. We have treks for each season in winter, fall, summer and so forth. Winter Treks are the most well-known ones as a trekker gets the opportunity to encounter the snow, the snow-topped edges and the clear scene at its full wonderfulness.

Himalayas - the dwelling place snow has been the stow plug of Indian occasions for a long time previously and with courageous treks being the discussion of the day, the most ideal way explorers are finding to detoxify themselves is in the lap of Himalayas. Since everybody isn’t a specialist in trekking and everybody isn’t our cherished Malli Mastaan, Uttarakhand offers numerous simple treks, one of them being Kedarkantha Trek.

Kedarkantha is a wonderful portrayal of Himalayas one needs to go in any event once in his life. It is authorizing as the best winter trek in Himalayas beating all other superlative endeavors in Uttarakhand. The trails are perfect, simple to climb and offer the best perspectives of the huge scenes.

The best time to visit the Kedarkantha is December through March when the snow is falling hard making the place as staggering as Swiss Alpines. Your trek will begin on the marshes of the pine woodlands secured with pine cones and outside air to relax. The trek is begun from Sankri, an excellent township to begin with. The ride from Dehradun to Sankri is entrancing and worth solidifying in the memory of time - travel.

In any case, that is not all in this lovely trek to Kedarkantha Peak. The trail makes them stagger water fronts; rivulets, lakes and a bunch of snowcapped backwoods arranged, representing a really inviting sight. You will drive aside stream tons, Kempa waterfall and strolling past pretty hovels, timid langurs swinging, rabbits, pigs and martens at visit interims.

Dayara Bugyal trek requires only an eager advance. The trail is best for the fledglings. The entire trek resounds with woods, long extends of knolls, delicate slants that prompt the enormous Bugyal. The vista puts Bandarpunch Peak straight up your face, impressing you with a solitary preview of the geology. Prepare for an exceptional tryst with the nature, and the ideal family photo.

Trekking in Uttarakhand is a regard to the eyes as it is to the spirit and Kedarkantha Trek isn’t any unique. The trek has a portion of the best campgrounds of all circumstances - Hargoan, Juda ka Talab and Kedarkantha. Likewise, the summit see is justified regardless of the extended periods of stroll to the best. It gives you the best and most perfect perspective of the Garhwal Himalayas kissed by the winter sun, shimmering on the snow-topped mountains. The glades that cover the lower valleys are as beautiful and arousing as the sunlit pinnacles.

The best piece of Kedarkantha is it is simple and efficient; trekkers who are new to snow treks can undoubtedly accomplish the summit without losing on stamina. You may require some change in accordance with the low temperature; however, the summit height that touches 12, 500 feet won’t act like a danger to the wellbeing dispensing with the dread of intense mountain infection.

So, anybody between the age of 10 and 60 as long as you have stamina to climb and the little mind to win the unimaginable can trek to Kedarkantha, the animating of all winter treks of Himalayas.


Explore best in class Kedarkantha trek in winters flourished with the majestic views of snowcapped hills and floral diversity. One of the most beautiful treks that lets you experience the best out of the adventure.

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