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Measures Taken by Trekveda to Ensure the Security of Trekkers

Trekking is altogether a different kind of adventure where you required to be physically and mentally prepared for the best and adverse, all at once. With high altitudes making it tough to breath, the scenic beauty of those pristine mountains leave you spell-bounded so that you forget to breath for a moment or two. In addition to the physical and mental preparation, there are certain aspect of the health that are needed to be considered at the first hand when you make up your mind for the trekking.

Trekveda, by dint of its team of trained professionals, leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best trekking experience while ensuring your safety as its priority. Here are some vital aspects that Trekveda includes in its checklist to ensure the safety of its trekkers.

Criteria for Fitness Analysis

Trekking at high altitudes demands endurance and fitness and those who are prone to any kind of physical or physiological ailments are advised to not to go for high altitude treks in the beginning. To get assurance about the trekker’s fitness, we comply with certain aspects of the being fit such as BMI (Body Mass Index) along with the fitness proof since we can’t put the trekkers into the risk.

Acclimatization is another important aspect when it comes to getting an adaptation to the climate at the high range treks. A day at rest is not just the rest but a chance to get used to of the place and its habitat.

Monitoring the health is one thing that is conducted regularly during the trek by the trek leaders which includes the monitoring of your blood pressure, oxygen level and pulse rate. Details of your health during the trek is maintained in the health card on the regular basis. Health card can be collected from the trek leader at the end of the trek.

Medical Kit for High Range Trekking

An ideal medical kit that’s developed for the trekking has Blood Pressure Monitor/checker, Stature, Oxygen checker and Oxygen Cylinder coupled up with certain must have medicines, in case of medical emergency:

  • Diamox
  • Dexamethasone
  • Dexamethasone
  • Nifidipine
  • Asthalin Inhaler
  • Syringes

Trekking Equipment for High Altitudes

Trekveda provide you all the necessary equipment for trekking from tents to ropes. In addition to that, our trek leaders also ensure the safety by various safeguards they take time to time for your safety. Micro spikes are provided to attach to your shoes which help you to keep the traction on the snow and make it easier to climb. An additional gaiters are provided to cover the shows which prevent the entering of snow into the shoes. Customized tents are provided to the trekkers which ensure the warmth and temperature 10 degrees higher than the outside coupled up with high quality sleeping bags which can endure the temperature up to 15 degree Celsius below the freezing point.

Nutrition and Hydration

Trekveda, keep all your nutritional and hydration requirements on its checklist, our trek leaders will guide you to keep your body hydrated on the high altitudes as de-hydration can attract to the severe medical emergencies on high altitude treks.

We provide the highly nutritious meal to energize your body for the trek, however before certain long trails we ensure your nutritional requirements to be fulfilled with some high energy snacks or packaged lunch.

Make sure you keep up with your hydration and nutritional part as this can lead to some fatal consequences for your health.

In case of any symptoms you feel during the trek, don’t ignore or avoid them, immediately tell the trek leader.

Keeping up with the pre-defined processes and the guidelines will help you to have a memorable trekking experience.

What Trekveda has to Offer in Case of Medical Emergency like AMS, HAPE or HACE?

In case of medical emergencies, Trekveda and its trek leaders bear the sole responsibility to get you back to your wellbeing with their training and techniques. Suspecting any physiological disturbance in your body, immediately report to your trek leader as they are trained to counter such problems.

Problems like Acute Mountain Sickness can be prove fatal if not taken into consideration seriously on time. If you encounter/experience any of the symptoms such as persistent headache, fatigue or weakness, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, you shouldn’t let it go or treat it by your own either.

Acute mountain sickness is one of the most common yet the fatal problem trekkers face due to number of reasons, if the problem continues to persist, then you’re advised to descend down to the basecamp and then to visit the doctor immediately.

People with AMS are treated with number of medicines such Diamox, Nifidipine etc. coupled up with methods like Triple One Test- where one disprin is given with a liter of water along with the rest for an hour.

While AMS is most common at the high altitudes yet it can’t be risked taken casually as it leads to severe fatal conditions like HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema) which, if not treated on time can lead to number of serious chronic disorders. These conditions need to not to comply with AMS, they can occur without AMS preceding.

It’s suggested to take every single disturbance into the consideration while you’re on the trek.

However, Trekveda is capable of tackling all the medical emergencies with its trained professionals yet there are several things that you need to consider, specially the intake of medicines and the knowledge about their advantages and side-effects. Don’t administer the medicine if you’re trekking through an organization, always seek help from the trek leaders, they are trained for such purposes, while in case of being a solo trekker, you should know about the medicines.

Keeping yourself hydrated and nutritionally fulfilled curbs the chances of AMS.

What Trekveda does to guarantee your safety?

Our logic is basic. We imbue security angles in the general population we work with, in the procedures that we take after, and in the gear, we convey. All our trek pioneers are prepared more than once on wellbeing issues and conventions. Most issues are settled with their mediation.

Appropriate from the time you choose to enroll for the trek till the most recent day of the trek, these security techniques will keep running out of sight. We have recorded a couple of them underneath:

1. Wellness criteria before enrollment

Over long periods of sorting out high elevation treks, we have discovered that security issues flourish among the individuals who are unfit and caught off guard for the trek. So we have presented a qualification criteria for the Roopkund trek. Any individual who needs to enroll for the trek needs to meet the wellness necessities, with the perfect BMI. The BMI and wellness administration will require confirmation. A high height trek isn't to be taken coolly.

2. Observing wellbeing on a trek

Any strange perusing will be given careful consideration to and move will be made promptly.

On the trek, your Trek Leader will keep a daily check on you’re:

  • Oxygen Level
  • Pulse Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • This will enable us to guarantee that your body is acclimatizing as required.

    Each trekker will be given a Health Card toward the start of the trek. The Health Card is issued to screen the trekker's day by day wellbeing, wherein they will enter insights about their wellbeing regular. It likewise contains points of interest of what side effects one should pay special mind to and what move ought to be made amid crises. These Health Cards will be gathered back toward the finish of the trek.

    3. High Altitude Medical Kit

    Your trek pioneer will convey an undeniable high height restorative unit. This will incorporate essential drugs and particular solutions taking into account height disorder – Diamox, Dexamethasone (tablets and infusions) and Nifedipine. Your Trek Leader will likewise be conveying a compact oxygen chamber all through the trek. Notwithstanding that, there are oxygen barrels introduced at all high elevation campgrounds for any crisis circumstances.

    4. High Altitude Trek Equipment

    To guarantee safe trekking on cold landscape, Trekveda will give you miniaturized scale spikes to append to your shoes. This will give you great footing on hard snow. To evade snow from entering your shoes, Trekveda will give you gaiters that you can put on finished your shoes. You will have qualified specialized aides with you, who will lead the route on troublesome landscape.

    All our dozing packs and tents are specially crafted for high height. On the off chance that it is cool outside, it will associate with 10 degrees hotter inside the tent. The dozing sacks can withstand temperatures up to - 10 degree Celsius.

    5. Being hydrated and very much supported on the trek

    You have to drink at least 4 liters of water each day amid the trek to guarantee that you're very much hydrated. De-hydration on a trek can influence you to lose vitality rapidly and increase the impacts of AMS. Your trek pioneer will brief you about the measure of water that you have to convey with you toward the beginning of every day and water sources on the trail.

    We furnish trekkers with nutritious dinners to guarantee that they are invigorated to finish the trail every day. Aside from this, snacks or pressed lunch is given wherever the trail before a feast break is probably going to be long. Ensure that you don't skirt any dinner as this can prompt genuine wellbeing crises on high elevations.

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