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Two Days Training Session on Covid-19 Pandemic in Trekveda

Training Session on Covid-19 Pandemic

It has been almost 4 to 5 months; we are fighting this pandemic of Covid-19 in India. We have faced full lockdown, no going out, and no casual life at all. But, nothing is permanent nor this virus, neither this lockdown. As lockdown was slowing down our economy, so the government of India took this initiation of stepping up to fight against this situation, so that our country can get back to normal.

In this regards, the Ministry of Home Affairs released some orders and precautionary actions that each native of the our country has to follow during the unlock phases in India.

We all are fully aware that the travel industry nowadays is shut and no work is being done since the outbreak of this COVID-19 in our country. So, every measure that is coming through the government of unlocking is very significant for the travel industry.

Therefore, we at Trekveda conducted two days of training for our staff on the orders and laws passed by MHA.

Training Conducted By

Mrs. Anamika Kukreti, the Human resource Head, gave this two days of training to all the employees of the company. Along with that, she also explained the vision and motive behind this step that the company is taking to stand as strong as before.

1. Basic Motive and Vision behind the Training

As a Travel Industry it is important for all the departments to be aware of all the measures and precautions that need to be taken into consideration.

The motive of this training is to aware all the employees regarding facts and figures of unlocks, and how it will take place in our country.

The vision behind this training is that if the employees are well aware of all the measures then it will be beneficial for our the customers as well. We at Trekveda are working with a vision of standing again with awareness and more protective ways for our customers to keep them safe and secure.

2. How This Training Is Beneficial For Both, Our Employees and Our Customers

So, the training is very fruitful for our employees as they are the active audience of the training. Our employees are thoroughly aware of all the guidelines to be followed given by the government of India during this pandemic. When our employees are aware about the safety measures and guidelines to be followed, they will stand proudly to offer you safe service with all the guidelines that should be followed. We have the best learning of what is to be done in our workplace and even when dealing with customers. We promise you that if you are exploring with us even in the time of pandemic then you will be at the safe side as we are aware of what is to be done and what is the need of an era. Not just that but after the training was done; our employees were asked to make a report on how we can stay safe and keep our customers secure at this time. We have been brainstorming for the safety of the customers for a long time now.

3. Trekveda's Understanding Regarding Safety of Customers after the Training

The Sales Department and Operations department of the company plays the most important role in this pandemic situation, as customers are in direct contact with them. So, both the teams have prepared a significant report on how the customers during this pandemic will be treated, and what sort of information is mandatory for our customers to know for their safety and security.

So here it goes:

  1. Firstly, the gathering of all the information about the customer's travels history and medical certificates.
  2. Informing about the mandatory directives given by WHO on safety.
  3. Checking all the required things to be brought by the customer before going on a trek.
  4. Explaining full guidelines of MHA to the customers for their safety and security while trekking.
  5. Informing about the scenario, measures to be followed if any customer feels sick without panicking.
  6. Informing the customers about the guidelines that Trekveda is following inhouse as well as the outside department is following.
  7. Explaining prohibitions for both our customers and employees to be followed during trek:-

Such as:

  • Shaking hands is striclty prohibited.
  • No one should come in close contact with anyone if experiencing mild cough or fever.
  • Using tissue paper of handkerchief while Sneezing or coughing.
  • Spiting in public places while traveling will not be entertained and legal action will be taken against the person. (Continue reading in point 4 in brief)
  • Spreading rumors or panicking. (Continue reading in point 4 in brief)

4. In case of Offense against the measures of lockdown

If any of the employee or the customer is seen going against the general guidelines that are given to be followed, will be considered as the act against the law.

Legal Actions(to be taken against the offences):

1. Under Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management act 2005 (According to the Ministry of Home affairs guidelines)

Anyone, whether a company or individual is found spreading false information, misusing any money matter or failure in following the guidelines, will be punished under this act, and will have to pay the penalty of a certain amount, along with that will bear the a specific time of imprisonment.

2. Section 188 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (According to the Ministry of Home affairs guidelines)

All the orders given by the Ministry of Home affairs should be followed. If anyone is found guilty in not following the safety guidelines properly, will be punished under section 188 of IPC 1860. If an individual is seen putting other human's life in danger by any act of not following the health safety measures, shall be punished with imprisonment or certain amount of fine which may extend upto 1 thousand or shall be punished with both i.e. imprisonment and fine. It comes under disobedience of law and order.


This training session held at Trekveda on the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs enlightened us with the precaution that is important to be taken while we are in contact with any of our customers whether on-call or in person. We have learned to stay cautious and safe during the pandemic situation. As well as we are now well aware about the measures we should take to keep our customers safe and secure while traveling.

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