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  • 5 Best Destination Treks in Himalaya

Deadly Treks, Where Trekker Goes Missing or Died

Adventure, the word says a lot, and feels more than just a word, when you try it in the real life. Adventure are of many type; some prefer jumping from the height, some prefer diving into the ocean, some prefer unwanted places to visit, and some risk their life in the places where it’s hard to come back from.

Trekking, is also an adventure, walking through the gigantic mountains, ridges, crossing the rivers, challenging the climate, reaching the summit in the heavy snow, choosing high altitude treks, and staying in not so familiar climate conditions.

But, there is a huge difference in experiencing the adventure, or directly putting your life into the risk from where there is no coming back.

Since many years, as trekking in Himalayas is the most popular type of thing that people from all over the world prefer to pick. Himalayas are so big, and mysteries that you can’t travel the whole range and even many places can be reached but no surety of coming back alive.

Therefore, many had made mistakes of challenging the mighty Himalayas, by walking the path alone or without the proper guidance, which later, led to the fact of their missing bodies, or existence.

It is believed that many might have died or have gone the wrong way in the mountains. Some says valleys have eaten the trekkers. There are whole lots of assumptions about the missing people in the Himalayas. God knows, what is true.

Risking your life is an adventure, but risking a life in such a way, from where, there is no coming back is not a wise choice to make. So here are the deadly treks, where the trekkers went missing, and never came back. This is to advice every trekking lover; listen to the guides, locals of the region, and does not neglect any guidance ever.

Parvati Valley Trek

Parvati Valley attracts many backpackers from abroad, or India itself. It has the culture so rich, and the beauty that is so eye pleasing. But wait, do you know the valley is called the “Valley of death”. Every year backpackers visit Parvati valley and many trekkers never get the way back to home. It is reported that many foreigner backpackers have gone missing in the valley. The valley is so vast and gigantic, people prefer trekking alone, which is not a good idea, without having a guide it is not good to trekking alone in the valley. Another reason of being missed in the valley is robbery or killing. So solo trekking is attractive, interesting, but risking your life isn’t at all.

Nanda Devi Trek

Nanda Devi Trek is one of the best trek for the adventure lovers, it is untouched, and strenuous at the same time. The trek consist a mystery of missing trekkers went deep into the trek, and never returned back to life. Few years ago the report came, about 8 backpackers trekking to Nanda Devi east, and got missing in between, broke all the contacts from the outer world. Many rescue operations were held but nothing came in hand. It is said that the avalanche hit the area that took their lives. It is also said that the causality rate is always high in Nanda Devi than Everest. The team had trekked into the heart of the Nanda Devi sanctuary with the ambition of summiting a virgin peak, British adventure company Moran Mountain, which ran the expedition said so.

Chadar Trek

Chadar is a new tourist attraction in the region. It is basically the Zanskar River that freezes during winters and the trekkers walk on this Chadder. This is a huge sport. Though thrilling, But this is very dangerous. Many reports have come where people have died in the Chadar trek such as Pune trekker was killed while trekking on the frozen river. The other person was a local girl who fell into the river and died instantly.

“The Pune trekker died because of high altitude sicknesses because he had not acclimatized himself”. People in Zanskar have been historically using the trek movement in groups to Leh and Kargil. Gradually this emerged into a sport and a tourist attraction. It is said that people are coming from sea level, in the high altitude without being medically fit, therefore it creates a problem for the trekkers, and so it is better to take medical measures before risking your life for adventure.

Mount Everest

Trekkers dying in the Everest Base Camp are the inexperienced trekkers that are choosing the trek without prior experience. Basically the death rate is high in the Mount Everest than in Everest base camp. People dying in a rush to conquer the world's highest summit during an unusually brief window of good climbing weather. Another reason of deaths in Mount Everest is heavy crowd, where people hardly get the complete guidance which eventually leads to death. If you are not an experienced trekker than picking up the Everest trek is not a good. Risking a life in the high altitude can create a life risk for you. It is what happened to many trekkers in the Mount Everest trek, who have risked their life for summiting the highest mountain of the world.

Roopkund Trek

It is said that Roopkund Trek is the mysteries trek, which is also known as the Skeleton lake trek. The skeletons were first found by a British forest guard at Roopkund Lake which is at height of 16,499 Ft. Initially, it was believed that the skeletons were those of Japanese soldiers who had died while crossing that route during World War II. But scientists have now found out that the skeletons were of pilgrims and locals as the bodies dated to around 850 AD. Research reveals that the skeletons found near the Roopkund Lake were of two main groups – one a family group and the others who were relatively short. The researchers concluded that the death was due to a fatal blow on the back of their heads and not due to any wound by weapons, avalanche or landslide. The marks on their skulls and shoulders indicated at being hit by something round, like a cricket ball. The absence of injuries to other body parts indicated that hard round objects, possibly cricket ball-sized hailstones or ice balls fell from above. The lake trek is still the mysteries one, and a deep trek where going alone is not a wise choice. The bad climate condition and not having an expert guide can make the trek confusing and leads to get lost in the trek.

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