Why Trekking is Important

Why Trekking is Important

Choked up from office daily office life? Office work the place where I don’t feel to go and to do so on a regular basis, even though I was getting paid for that. Something was scolding me from inside to go out from my cell to get my inner soul & to get the essence of nature. I tried YOGA, CARDIO & some exercises but I was still unable to get that feeling. I was started feeling like a slave not cause of work and responsibilities which I was having; it was me making myself kept into it.

After working hours I got some time for being social on social media, there I saw some links as well as blogs about mounting, camping and trekking. I saw some pics all the way from the lap of Mother Nature were grabbing them like a little baby kid to hold them for making comfortable. I thought I wish could be there and finally, I got my essence in that images, I got my feeling back with whom I was struggling since so long. I’m very fond of travelling and trekking, so while going excitement was there Cause we use to curious to see the mesmerizing view. After being in front of the humongous valley I have got one thing that Trekking- IS A Therapy to Enlarge your Feelings. Because the feeling you’ll get after; you just can’t explain in such words, you’ll start feeling you are BEYOND THE CLOUDS.

After reaching in such a height you’ll start listening the sound of your breath and every sound what nature does, cause “NATURE HAS MUSIC FOR THOSE WHO LISTEN” Mother nature will bless you by lots of animals as well as all different species of birds. We can’t compare skyscraper buildings with the white snow covers gigantic valley with them, cause we use to being after putting up in a metro city. Yes! I should say the Mother Nature will kept and hold you like a baby kid and let you enjoy the beauty of that. And in the way of adventuring, if you’ll ask me, I’ll say yes this is adventuring and making yourself so brave to pull yourself into it. Cause here you’ll learn the essence of birth. Your inner soul would come out of your body and will get you the feeling which you can’t explain. “The best of both world” I would rather say.


After coming back from trekking was like as same as you are leaving your home because it seems so nostalgic kind of way. And the most important thing is after the tour I was started finding myself happier and confident. Cause I tried meditation there and yoga too. My feeling which I had almost lost I got back after so long, I was literally struggling with that for so long. It’s up to you for what reason you are going on trekking but this is sure you’ll come back with the same thing which is “LOVE FOR TREKKING & NATURE” being a trekker I have got one thing which is the more you’ll explore the more you’ll learn.

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