Top 5 Destinations for Photography Lovers in Indian Himalayas

Top 5 Destinations for Photography Lovers in Indian Himalayas

Travel and photography is a passion and an interest of numerous individuals. Some make it a profession and others use it as a break from the typical life.

Indian Himalayas are an outstanding point for all the nature darlings, and for the craftsman who sees the magnificence of the Mother Nature from their camera lenses. Regardless of whether you visit any part of the country you witness the exceptional beauty that is so unique. The Indian Himalayas are referred to for some qualities, for example, tremendous mountains, diversity of flora and fauna, a variety of changing Landscapes, and the quietness in the environment. So if you are a photography lover or a nature sweetheart we have the best 5 goals for you to visit if your lens is what captures a marvel of Mother Nature.

Goechala Trek

Goechala Pass Trek is one of the most flabbergasted trek for the visitors and it has all the magical spots to capture in your camera. The trek starts from Yuksom, the former capital of Sikkim and ends at the same place only.

Goechala Trek

The view of one of the highest peak Kanchenjunga is on your way, and the dense forest of Rhododendrons, pine, and Magnolia is another eye stuck view you can capture in your camera.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Uttarakhand is the state amidst the exotic beauty, where Valley of flowers stays on top. VOF is a wonderful destination for all the trekking and the photography lovers, you get to see the magical beauty, and the experience of enthralling adventure at the same time.

The flora of the VOF is worth capturing, along with the endangered wildlife so mesmerizing. VOF is like paint on the canvas, the artist eyes can see the different colors of Mother Nature in VOF.

Parvati Valley Trek

Parvati Valley

The valley is the awe-inspiring trek that grabs the attention of artists and is a treat to your eyes. The best spots of Parvati valley are Khir Ganga water spring, Mantalaie Lake, Glaciers peak, skylines, gigantic mountains, and much more.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir is the paradise on earth, and the beauty it consists is like a diamond. Kashmir great lakes are the famous and the astonishing destination for all the travel lovers and photographers.

Kashmir Great Lake

Kashmir great lakes are the amalgamation of different lakes and this mixture makes it the best destination for the photography. The lakes are Dal Lake, Vishansar Lake, or Gangabal Twin lakes. 

Kheerganga Trek

If you are a fan of cultural beauty, you are going to love the Kheerganga Trek. You get to capture the facial shots of the people of Kasol.

Kheerganga TrekYou get to see the street paintings by Israelis. Kasol is visited by young Israelis and known an Israel of India. The place is famous for its authentic beauty which is just so breathe taking in each step you take towards the serenity of Kasol.

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