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Nag Tibba Trek Reviews - To Get Most Out of This Trek

Nag Tibba Trek Reviews- Settled in the curious slopes of the Garhwal area is a notable summit called the Nagtibba or the Serpent Peak. It is loved as the homestead Nag Devta or the Serpent God from which its gets its name and Tibba is a nearby word for slope/crest. Local people in the area come here to offer their petition to Nag Devta for the insurance of their cows.

What baits most climbers here is that this accomplishment can be finished over an end of the week from Delhi. With small arranging and with a moderately nearer remove from Delhi, the bold ones should not have to take a weekday free day for this from their bustling timetables.

The Nag tibba summit is approx. 10,000 ft and stands separated superbly in this district.

Baited to trek at the drop of the cap, I couldnot discover motivation to oppose from going up against this end of the week trek to the summit.

When you reach Dehradun in the early hours of morning, the following piece of the voyage is by street (shared jeeps) to a curious little town of Pantwari, which takes around 3-4 hours from Dehradun. This adventure goes through the celebrated slope station of Mussorie and some extremely grand perspectives. We ceased at Kempty Falls for a fast, basic breakfast and some hot tea. The magnificence in a trip of this sort is the stops we make for refreshments are a treat in themselves. It enables you to retain and be unified with the place. Tasting hot tea and looking over the valley we witness some stunningly lovely mountain scenes. Its opportunity to proceed onward and the following stop is Pantwari. The town Pantwari is the base camp for anybody endeavoring to summit Nagtibba.

We reached Pantwari around 12 twelve on Saturday. The trek pioneer and his partner invited us to a decent and straightforward dinner of rice and dal. We had a decent trek in front of us and thus were asked to eat well. Keeping oneself hydrated is of most extreme significance while endeavoring any trek or climb. While the trek is in advance, one doesn’t understand on the measure of water released as sweat. Drinking water at general interims causes an awesome arrangement to give you that lift.

All things considered, off we began our move at around 1pm. The underlying trip swam through mountain grass, water streams and tamed creatures, for example, wild oxen, canines, hen and so on. It is charming to see the humble lodging and hearty presence in such areas.

As we picked up elevation, the air wound up cooler, and the vegetation denser. We could see the town Pantwari as a little bit down beneath. Once in a while we experienced a waterfall, an odd town shield, mud houses, and regular water tanks. In a quick paced city life, these events are uncommon and thus much loved in their legitimate environs.

The climb was extreme and we gave a valiant effort. Incidental crunching of bananas, nourishment bars, chocolates and so forth makes a difference. We proceeded with our climb and progressively could locate the further ranges in the locale. Periodic stops enabled us to connect with other colleagues and trek guides. They generally have intriguing nearby stories to tell.

As we went higher up, we could accumulate a weird feeling of reachment. It is an exceptional inclination inside of joy on where we have come to but fascinated on what lies additionally up.

Following a decent 3-4 hours trek up with our packs, we reached a wide level. This was the base camp for the summit of Nagtibba. Our tents were prepared. We could see the kitchen tent with the unexceptional of partners planning lemon water and tea with a few scones and light seared tidbits. It is just astounding to encounter the neighborliness of local people here. Their warmth goes over in the way they invite trekkers and it influenced us to feel calm in a flash.

We changed and settled down in our common tents. It was around 4:30pm, decent brilliant sun on us at around 7500ft (base camp). This was an ideal opportunity to visit up with kindred trekkers and trade the experience till now.

After some hot soup and clicking pictures the entire night, it was the ideal opportunity for supper around 8pm. A trek up the slopes is never total without a blaze, so we crouched around it and ate. It was getting very chilly now and blustery as well. A decent difficult day arrived at a fantastic end as we wrapped ourselves in our dozing packs by 9:30pm. Rest dropped by quite speedy.

The following morning, Sunday, I was up at 5am. The air was especially chilled and critical. With a dimness and a peach shaded sky that entices the start of a lovely day ahead, the time had come to assemble ourselves up and make the most of some masala tea and a straightforward yet nutritious breakfast of hot porridge, pureed potatoes, bubbled eggs, Maggi and bournvita.

By 8am, we were good to go towards the summit. This was a decent 2500ft move with snow loaded inclines inviting us as we investigated further. The trek now was getting dubious as there was thigh profound snow and now and again we needed to pull ourselves up with the two hands immovably clutching the stones above. There were wide fixes and snow around us like white sheets kept out in the sun, spotless and displaying an awesome white.

A decent 3 hours trek up conveyed us nearer to the summit which was unmistakably noticeable at this point. As we drew nearer triumphantly, it was the peacefulness and tranquility of the place that made it enchanted. We made it to the highest point of Nag Tibba - the Serpent Peak. With flawless white snow around us, we sat on the summit for around an hour with a 360 degrees perspective of the Himalayas here. The significance of the mountains is additionally exemplified in its quiet and created nearness yet cooperating with life that it bolsters.

Unwillingly, we began our plunge to the base camp a similar path back, which was fairly speedier. We had a snappy lunch at the construct camp and further in light of a similar path back to the town Pantwari.

Back to earth from paradise up over, our street transport anticipated us to transport us back to the rigors of the unremarkable. The drive back to Dehradun was a calm 3-4 hour by means of Mussorie.

At around 6pm, the trek was authoritatively finished and we could go to our goals as needs be. We took a prepared back to our respective destinations and reached 5am on Monday morning.


What is the height of nag tibba?

3,022 m

Nag tibba trek distance?

19 KM

Nag tibba trek cost?


Distance of nag tibba from delhi?

395 Km

Nag tibba temperature?

Nag tibba temperature goes from lowest -8 in winter to highest 21 in summer.