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Best Time for Roopkund Trek

Let’s find out the best time for Roopkund trek. Roopkund gives an inconceivable trekking in North India encounter. It is in actuality the name of a little lake in the Greater Himalayas. Roopkund is a little lake. It is exceptionally shallow as well. It never gets further than 2 meters at wherever. It gets exceptionally chilly where the lake is arranged and henceforth almost 9 months of the year it is solidified.

When you will take a gander at it out of the blue, you won’t discover anything extraordinary. What experience and fun can a lake offer which isn’t even profound and barely ever there is water. Particularly when you consider the 24 hours it takes from New Delhi to visit this place and after that setting out on the 3 day trekking trip, you may ask why you have resulted in these present circumstances put.

In any case, don’t be mixed up, particularly by the principal look of it, as there is so much this place to offer than you can observe. Strolling through the Burans, the thick backwoods of Himalayas, going past the huge extends of glades, soak rising up the slope, and remaining in the tents high over whatever remains of the world is an experience you will always remember as long as you can remember.

So, Best Time for Roopkund trek?

There are two times in the year when you can go for Roopkund trek Uttarakhand. These are the most secure and most lovely circumstances to have a fabulous time and heaps of enterprise.

The main window for this trekking in Uttarakhand is between the long stretches of May and June. In the event that you trek amid this period you will witness bunches of greenery. Surrounding you will be the foliage and extraordinary scenes. It is additionally the time when the water of the lake has defrosted. This implies you can have a great time around the lake as well. Additionally, the defrosted lake in itself gives a sublime view. Be that as it may, the greatest in addition to is you get the opportunity to see the acclaimed human skeletons going back to ninth century BCE. The main issue with this period is that there isn’t a considerable measure of snow. In the event that you are a major enthusiast of snow then it wouldn’t be an extraordinary plan to go for the Roopkund Trek Uttarakhand amid this season.

Another best time is towards the finish of the August through September. Amid the finish of August or beginning of September, this trekking in Uttarakhand will give the perspective of green bugyals to you. Likewise, you will get the opportunity to see a considerable measure of dark colored as well. Once more, this isn’t the best time for the individuals who are searching for snow. On the off chance that snow is the thing that you need, go for this trekking in North India towards the finish of the month. As of now you will get the chance to see the snow. Truth be told, there will be bunches of snow. In any case, recall this is the time when the lake will likewise be solidified. Henceforth, the lake skeleton won’t be noticeable. In this way, you should settle on a decision whether you need to go for snow or skeleton.


Albeit the Best time for Roopkund trek is the time when you head towards it since it always greets its visitor across the year. The lush green fauna always ready to tickle you. Choose a better community and shake the hand to begin your trek.