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About Us

Exploring New

Trekveda has always been exploring and looking for new trails and treks in India like Roopkund, Brahmatal, Kuari Pass and many other such treks which has been listed on our website. Any of the trek, which has been explored, modified or discovered in India has been brought to the attention of our customers and people by us.

Trekking means Innovating

Earlier the trekking was not done in the way it is done nowadays as the culture of trekking is mainly focused on the safety of trekkers now. Innovating is what people look for these days and therefore we have made trekking a lot safer than before which has changed the look of Indian trekking.

Exceptional Treks

At trekveda we are providing you exceptional trekking with every detail required. We do provide the equipment’s for trekking, delicious food, first aid safety kit, etc. Everything is taken care of for making a trek, the best trek of your life. We create a healthy and friendly environment between our trekker so that every person is comfortable and enjoys every moment of trekking with us.

Our fantastic location

You will be always in a heaven which you can't express in words after get back to your home.

Our expert guides

Our experts will always help you to live like a bird with under expert advise.

Our beautiful trekking area

Trekveda always tries to discover a beautiful place for trekking.

Well-equipped Staff

A healthy, energetic and well equipped staff can give you best experience.